Edita in 60 Seconds

Warm, personable and ready with a smile Edita Vilkeviciute is always a pleasure backstage. This season MDC catches up with the stunner backstage at Rag and Bone for a quick lesson in Lithuanian and a little chat about shooting that oh so memorable campaign. Even with a fully packed show schedule and an editorial list that keeps on growing (look for her in the latest Vogue) Edita still makes time to say hello.

[flashvideo filename=https://v.models.com/oftheminute/images/2009/02/edita.mov image=https://i.models.com/oftheminute/images/2009/02/otm-video-edita60.gif width=600 height=450 /]

  1. she is the best model ever!!!best smile and great personality,and without Drama,Drugs or Stupid Gossip the new Kate!!!

  2. she is soooo cute,i am proud to be lithuanian..i like all lithuanian models,but specially her!but in our county she is not enough famous , i think this situation will change in the near future…becouse she is very good model!maybe new supermodel(i totaly hope that)

  3. edita yra labai labai nuostabus modelis :) labai džiaugiuosi dėl jos ir linkiu jai pačios didžiausios sekmės ateityje :)

  4. Dieve kokia Ji grazi ir nuostabi ,didziuojuosi ja ,linkejimai ir tau :)*

  5. Big things is happen with Edita on last of paris fashion week. Shooting! No shows but love its bigger than shows and pay more for sure look out for Edita soon!

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