Christophe Lemaire S/S 13

With all the overblown ceremony and jockeying for front row seats, it is easy to forget that a fashion show might not actually be the best way to view clothes. While there are definite pros to having a full on show – everyone loves watching a good catwalk stomp now and then – a quieter setting often gives viewers the chance to really appreciate the clothing, or in the case of Christophe Lemaire’s beautiful presentation, an opportunity to experience each garment in its natural habitat. 

Set in a charming Parisian flat, decked out like a particularly artsy page of Architectural Digest, Lemaire’s showing was a tightly focused and serene take on everyday wear. The perfect pair of pants detailed with tiny perforations, a delicate white dress that looks as though it were covered in paint splatters, deceptively simple suiting, tailored to fit just so; every element of Lemaire’s collection felt natural and effortless, though it was clear that the exquisite materials and expert craftsmanship we’re being put to good use. The relaxed feel of Lemaire’s collection was enhanced by the nonchalant vibe of the presentation’s models. Instructed to do as they like, the girls were free to read a book, listen to the radio, or even take a little nap.

Photos by Julia Chesky for
Text by Janelle Okwodu