MDC’s 10 Best New Faces (NY)


Punters have been wondering what on earth happened to MDC’s bi-annual New Faces preview that usually launched just before NY Show Week. The answer is we’ve been stunned and numbed at the number of major new girls criss-crossing the streets of NY right this minute. Rather than run our usual log of 60 girls we decided it was time to edit, and list only those girls hitting the market pre-loaded with the most enviable editorials as well as the most desirable show bookings.

So in no particular order, here is MDC’s picks for the 10 Best New Faces in NY for the FW 05 shows. (Scary thing is all of these girls are totally valid candidates for our Top 50 countdown). Fashion just spins faster every day, no?…..

Doutzen’s Divine
Get Inguna!
Loving Vlada
Brilliant, Brilliant Brenna
Bee-Stung Bianca!
Jessian’s Shimmering
Eloise This Instant!
Anja’s Audacious
Hye’s Heights
Ruslana Rising

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