Carolyn by Alexi

Photographer Alexi Lubomirski (MANAGEMENT ARTISTS) creates a seductive vision of modern beauty in this short for the June issue of German Vogue starring the luminous Carolyn Murphy. Science fiction meets haute glamour in the unique clip and Carolyn looks as dazzling as ever. View the film here, along with a few words from the dashing Mr. Lubomirski. To see more German Vogue, click here.

MDC: What was the concept for the video?

Alexi: A robot lands on mars and finds Caroline Murphy.

MDC: How did you enjoy working with Carolyn?

Alexi: She is incredible. One of the few models that I used to work with as an assistant that I really wanted to shoot for myself.

MDC: Any fun stories from on set?

Alexi: It was a weekend so all the Miami families were coming out in force on the beach. Lots of alcohol, lots of babies and lots of coolers.

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