Top 10 Newcomers FW 12: Vanessa Axente

Vanessa Axente. Portrait courtesy of Viva Model Management

The girl that opens a Prada show automatically earns a swell of attention. When the suspected instant star overlaps that FW 12 opening achievement with subsequent opening berths for Celine and Valentino as well as slots in the Givenchy, YSL and Dior shows in Paris you know you have a true contender for breakout star of the season. This 16 year old Hungarian beauty is now perfectly positioned for maximum editorial and campaign relevance.

  1. It’s just me or skipping NY and start in London or Milan is becoming a trend among new faces???

  2. She didn't closed YSL, Elza Luijendijk opend and closed YSL in Paris!

  3. Where does it say she opened or closed YSL? I read she just got a slot. Love vanessa, and melissa stasiuk also for the list.

  4. Yeah, I think hitting Paris before NYC is definitely the trend now, especially girls from Europe where their mother agencies or European agents would move first to get them in the shows. We saw it with Lara Mullen and Erjona in prior seasons. If she’s 16 she would not have been too young for NYC unless she just had a birthday in the past month. She’s Hungarian so her reps in Europe probably just had a jump start on getting her on the runways first before DNA.

  5. Even the major girls skipped NYC and London this season. But let’s face it, all the important designers are Parisians and Milanese. NYC shows are too packed and don’t really get attention, only shows worth doing in NYC are Marc Jacobs, Marchesa, Oscar de la Renta, Diane Von Furstenberg(what else honestly)?

  6. Certainly a good model with remarkable and undeniable qualities, but… well, despite her (very) good season made of blue chip shows I’m still not a huge fan of her, just that. I mean, a model I quite like, but nothing less, nothing more – at least now.

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