1. Rosie HW finally included in the show package! After her absence last year can’t wait to see what shows she’ll book.

  2. stars! stars ! stars!
    i just love what they did with cards!
    my fav is laragh… just cant stop
    liking her.and heloise!

  3. I am also curious to know how come Agyness is in the women show package but still on DNA’s board?
    Women for sure has the best group of girls

  4. Agyness was reported to switch to Women by december, but they decided to include her in the showpackage already.

  5. 4 what? Each girls have 4 pics because it’s a special fold out
    card. That’s the one thing the Internet can’t capture, the
    actual feel of opening up the card :)


  6. Wow! Beautiful beyond words! When you said Caroline I thought you meant Trentini. Apparently it’s Ribeiro! It doesn’t matter: I LOVE Caroline Ribeiro. My all-time favorite model.

  7. Hanie:

    I have to say about Caroline Ribeiro… Probably one of the
    NICEST, SWEETEST people on earth. So genuine, so classy, she’s
    truly someone who deserves the best in life.


  8. JASON, you ARE bananas! I need you on my team. The tents need you. As Rachel would say “I die”, while Pat would say “you go gurl! (BP)”, however Denosh would say, “very smiley” and My Cell would say “It’s better than Degrassi!”
    Even Aubrey recognizes that it’s more than “just pretty pretty Aubrey”
    I say that this is “AMAZING” and I will make sure that you are always in row #1.


  9. Yulia is my favourite now. Amazig face! At some fotos she reminds me a bit of actress Eva Mendes… What a beautiful girl.

  10. Morre de Inveja da Gisele! sonha,mas sonha alto,bem alto,pra um dia ver se chega nos pés dela,e ve se faz mais campanhas pra parar de roubar os sapatos dos outros