Top 10 Newcomers FW 12: Katryn Kruger

Katryn Kruger :  Polaroid courtesy of IMG NY

South African newcomer Katryn Kruger bears a presence so striking that this girl doesn’t even need hype. The client list (Givenchy S/S 12 show exclusive, Prada S/S 12 campaign with Meisel) going into Fall 12 shows alone marked Katryn as an instant contender for second season stardom. But the ease and grace that Katryn is bringing to her subsequent runway appearances testifies to the fact that a model this rare come along maybe once every three years.

  1. i love her!
    she reminds me of kati nescher. they’re not the same but they have a similar thing going on…

  2. Strong upper face,nose and eyes.You cannot help but be drawn into those big beautiful eyes.Lower face is softer,but that contrast only adds to Katryns undoubted beauty.Amazing figure too.Big future,go for it girl.

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