Top 10 Newcomers SS12: Kati

Kati Nescher Image courtesy of DNA

Kati Nescher is the German beauty who has converted her all-European runway breakout for Prada, Jil Sander, Céline, Givenchy, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Valentino and  Yves Saint Laurent into major post-show traction. This recent breakthrough of the striking 27 year old is another heartening sign that clients are starting to find great value  in models with personality, presence and life experience.

  1. she is pristine!!! finally the clients are awaken that a certain jagacaiaks or whatever canot have personality that a 27year old have…i knew since seeing her at prada that she is special!!!!!!!

  2. she is amazing! finaly someone who shine!!!! tired of the 17year old’s sexed up versions…i see her on prada campaign, vogue it cover and more…this girl deserve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. she is absolutely incredible, I literally can not wait to see her in editorials, such presence and charisma!

  4. I guess fashion should be especially about diversity, and proposing different kind of beauties, personalities and femininities as well.
    So yep, I LIKED KATI REALLY A LOT too and I think she’s a very interesting model, but I can’t agree with some comments above (especially the one about Monika, imo one of the best models around talking about shows): to say this is the direction fashion should take (both because of Kati’s beauty and age) imo would be a mistake just like don’t giving Kati the chances she totally deserves… in fact more than a DIRECTION I’d suggest a marvelous RAMIFICATION. ;)

  5. I fell in love with her looks immediately after i saw her,and i prayed for her not to be overlooked,because there were so many newcomers this season.I know it is to fast to say it now,but i really think she’ll be an icon one day.There are many models that i love,but i know they will be forgotten and replaced in a few years,but with Kati it is different.There’s a story in her eyes,a kind of sadness in them,seems like she went througha lot,her eyes tell it.
    And i dont know why,but i think one day she’ll be the face of YSL,she seems soooo perfect for this brand,the ultimate embodiment of it.

  6. I was totally blown away when I saw images of her in the Jil Sander show…so pristine!

  7. She is absolutely very beautiful!! I look forward to seeing more of her work!!

  8. Not only interesting but also soulful, somehow. This woman(how refreshing to say!)truly has a soulful passion to her beauty… Thanks for bringing her up here…
    BTW Congrats to her motheragency am management, I love to see these little boutiques growing in the best way possible. :-)

  9. Breathtaking beauty, Kati is such a beautiful woman! Her success is so refreshing, so inspiring. The fashion and modeling industries have so much to gain by hiring models who are beyond their teens! Thank you for featuring Kati, and please keep us posted on her :)

  10. LOVE her. Not just beautiful but like Malte said “soulful”. She is able to evoke emotion and mystery. You want to know her story. Someone who understands the subtlety of sexuality that other women can relate to, not just a dressed up doll. GOOD LUCK KATI. We will be watching!

  11. She is rumored to have been cast for Celine ad camp for next season. Hmmm…….?? Stay tuned.

  12. Beautiful,a natural mature beauty!Sometimes tired of the girl look..reminds me of both Daria n Freja..great beautiful women!!Love

  13. Daria, you guys are driving the car too fast people!!! Daria Werbowy is like no other model on the planet

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