Top 10 Newcomers SS12: Maria Bradley

Maria Bradley: Digital courtesy of Factor Women

Add the opening slot at Alexander Wang as one of those show berths that flashes high relevance on a brand new face. Subsequent to that smash debut, the very striking Maria Bradley has gone on to¬†walk Proenza in New York, score exclusive engagements for the Versace camp in Milan and a show stopping turn at Balenciaga SS12. Scouted and beautifully packaged in New York by Factor Women based in Chicago and now freshly signed to DNA, Ms Bradley is in the eye of the instant storm as Spring’s most buzzed about first season girl thus far.

  1. I don’t see “it”.
    Or does my post get deleted for saying this?
    I just think there are more special and striking newcomers.

  2. She is so tough and I think I really love that about her. She reminds me of Amanda Moore in some ways – and I love it! Hopefully her buzz lasts post-season


  4. I don’t see it either… she will get press and editorial because of the blue chip catwalks that made her special and wanted, but she is no arizona nor joan smalls (two examples of rising stars that made brilliant debuts and are still on high demand)

    im sorry for maria but i definitely dont see her as something reeeally special… but time will tell!

  5. Very good face,the best of the best,interesting,with great potential and a promising future.

  6. I;m sure she looks better in person but a Top 10 newface?? and since when does a Versace exclusive mean anything?

  7. I don’t see it. She has a rockstar body, that’s for sure, but the face and shoulders remind me of a hs volleyball player or something. She’s very manly. Good for her for doing so well but I’m not into it at all. Also, she was signed to VNY prior to the new contract with DNA. My guess is no one else saw it either and then when she booked some big shows it was like “oh, oh, WAIT-“

  8. Yes @Erik,

    I was aiming for those girls. Romee, Kati, Erjona, Karolina, and Marte Mei are great newcomers who are doing very well.

  9. This season has been really weird but in a good way, because every season casting directors choose the girls who will be everywhere. but this season almost none of them (only Antonia Wesseloh) made it, so it’s good to see her like Maria that came out of nowhere and all of the sudden are making it big in fashion. I’ll bet some money that Maria will be a Balenciaga campaign girl, also maybe Vogue Italia/Meisel gil

  10. less agressive but more next door amanda moor/heather bratton.. .but she will have her time… to createher own… vibe

  11. Maria lives right next to me we used to hang out…she is an awesome person and is very nice and is a great model(:

  12. @RICCARDO : Nadine is a new face!Get your sources sorted out!
    And yes she should be there on this list! Stunning face, quite unbelievable. Disapointed not to find her on this page :(
    @PixMagazine :TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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