10 Years of Milk

Julia Restoin Roitfeld hanging out on a summer’s eve. Yes, she’s as nice as she is beautiful! Ph: MDC

Let’s see… how do we sum up Milk Studio‘s 10 year celebration? Gorgeous summer evening. BBQ everything. Skate ramp. Kegs. Hip photos by the Milk staff. A mechanical bull. Video game terminals. Photo booth. Live bands. Oh yes and seemingly every cool person under the age of 40 who works behind the scenes in the “industry” was there. Throw in a couple of celebs like Russell Simmons and Friends’ star David Schwimmer, fashion folk like Will from Jed Root and Michele from KCD and you have one of the grooviest parties to happen along in years. Check out the gallery below for your favorite downtown person. (And these were just the people that WE spotted in the enormous crowd!)

  1. Julia Restoin Roitfeld is so lovely♪
    her simple style looks good in this summer party.

    long time no see Karl Lindman,,,i feel.
    his this short hairstyle is nice.

    i like T-shirt Ward wears.
    Darla’s scarf and Andrew Weir’s tanktop are cute.

    Josh Lucas is handsome, as usual.

    all look fun. good pics.

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