The Showstopper

Our favorite bombshell Adriana Lima once again shines as she promotes the new Victoria’s Secret Showstopper bra today at the giant Herald Square VS store. Adriana talks with MDC about some of her favorite VS moments and what are her inspirations.

MDC: What has been the best “show stopping” moment working with Victoria’s Secret so far?

Adriana Lima: There’s been a lot of show stopping moments working for Victoria’s Secret! My first VS fashion show in 1998 on Wall Street was definitely a show stopper. I was backstage with Stephanie Seymour, Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks and I never thought I would be a part of this and there I was! It was like a dream come true. I became who I am today, career wise thanks to Victoria’s Secret. The first time I opened the show was another show stopping moment. In one of the Victoria’s Secret commercials with Michael Bay, there is a scene where I open the fridge and drink the milk and spill some… I love that scene! When I saw it, I was like, “Oh my God! This is nice!” Many campaigns… there are so many show stopping moments!

MDC: What do you think about the new ShowStopper collection?

AL: I’m obsessed with this collection. Not just because I’m promoting it today (laughs), but because it’s the perfect bra for every woman. You can feel confident wearing that tight top. You can get out there knowing that you are going to be covered – it’s no-show coverage exactly where you need. You can show off all your curves and be confident with the right coverage.

MDC: How have you enjoyed motherhood and seeing your daughter, Valentina, grow up?

AL: It’s been wonderful. She has definitely changed me in a great way; I feel more beautiful and I’m a different person. And she loves clothes! And bras and lingerie! You have to see, when she gets into my closet she goes, “Wow! Nice!” It’s so cute.

MDC: How old is she now?

AL: She’s 21 months. She has a few words. She cannot say a full sentence yet but she can definitely say, “come, go, water, nice, pretty“. She speaks English, Portuguese, and Serbian… I cannot believe it. She’s 21 months and she already speaks more languages than I do. She’s amazing.

MDC: Who did you look up to when you were starting out? Do you have a favorite model?

AL: I looked up to Bettie Page. I looked up to the pin up girls. I also looked up to Marilyn Monroe – a lot. I don’t have any model inspirations, but I watch a lot of movies. La Dolce Vita – everything about that movie I love. And Flashdance. I like to watch movies to get inspired for photoshoots.

Interview/images: Alison Greene and Lynley Flanagan

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