1. i think this is so amazing! Best thing i have seen in years to be honest

  2. People should check out artist Jeff Bark’s work, the source of inspiration of this and the editorial. It is really sad to see other people get credit for someone else’s original work. I’m sure that M, M, and K thought they would get away with it, and have people believe that they are geniuses with their own original idea… never would they have voluntarily said they were ‘paying homage’ to Jeff Bark.
    Furthermore, Barks images and film are much more mysterious and beautiful than the ‘Love’ renditions.
    With so many photographers and stylists in the world, it is a pity to see ‘greats’ like M, M, and K get a ton of work when so often they take the ideas from others, not from their own creative minds. Admittedly, they of course have produced some incredible stuff, OF COURSE, but that is all the more reason they should stick to doing THEIR OWN stuff, from their own ideas, as they have a lot of people looking up to them and need to set example.

  3. Did it inspired by Tarja Turunen’s album “What lies beneath”?:)