1. Eheh for sure can’t be compared with Korine’s films loool
    it’s nothing more than a model fan video

  2. Completely disagree with the previous comment of Fernando! This video is designed to be fun and groovy not an art house clip as in for proenza. I think it completely reflects the mood of the show season in models’ eyes! It’s easy to watch and fun and that’s the way to be in this case! Not everything should be done the same way!

  3. Completely agree with Fernando (and we all know that these videos, all friendly and energetically cool, are designed to subsume the tradiional feel of models’ world as a bunch of assassins ready to stab each other behind their backs)

  4. Fernando you make me laugh, I love the irony of how you have written such a serious critique of the video. The music video/short film/model fan video or whatever you wish to brand it as, is simply meant to be fun and as Simon quite rightly said it ‘reflects the mood of the show season in models’ eyes’. It made me smile…. job well done!

  5. Can someone tell me who is the guy with the tattoos and black hoodie please?