1. I love Naomi, but I think her time has passed. I think it’s time that fashion evolves and helps to create the next wave of supermodels. I think Joan Smalls, Constance Jablonski and Abbey Lee have that supermodel appeal. Joan should be the next Naomi and highlighted in high fashion ads where you would’ve at one time seen Naomi. Fashion has to evolve!

  2. Some people never go out of style and are timeless and classic pieces of work. Naomi is that woman. Her time will never pass until she is no longer of this earth.

  3. Change is happening on a constant basis – if not too frequent for measure. You can easily scour this very website and find the purest proof of fashions rabid eveolution.

    Several of the new girls are supermodels in todays world but the world is not what it used to be. There is not enough mass concentration to foster the emergence of new, tyranical (I mean that in the kindest way) supermodels to 80’s/90’s heights. The icons such as Naomi, Linda, Christy, Cindy et al are locked in place and are alive and well and cannot be ignored or replaced and to that effect, the new girls must blaze their own paths and create iconography unique to them without “redoing” a past high fashion ad. where is the evolution in that?

    Naomi’s being here and working does not deter others from earning their piece of the sweet potata pie. Naomi is Naomi and that’s just that.
    If you desire someone to shine as bright then they’d have to be able to conquer that mountain on their own merit. No one moves aside for another. As long as Naomi can do, she will do.

  4. Its true to say that fashion waits for no man or woman. she will continue to do what she does as long as she enjoys it, the clients want her and the retoucher does not have to spend hours fixing her face so its actually less financially viable for the client!

    What is important is that clients and magazines stretch out a little and use creatives that are not that well known, rather than sticking to old standards. They have to allow new blood the opportunities and the guidance to evolve and to provide us with new talent.

  5. Ganko ^ i completely agree with the 2nd half of your post!!! I couldn’t have said it better.

    However, the first half of your post isn’t quite as true. SHe gets retouched more than anyone! Have you not seen her in person??? She’s stunning and has a presence, BUT she looks very different in images because she’s dramatically retouched.

    Naomi is great, but let’s be real…her body isnt what it use to be. WHile her body is great for her age, it’s certainly not the bodytype that suits campaign images. YEs, you can select women like naomi and celebrities like Julianne moore, but they simply dont have the bodies, but they have a prominent and recognizable face and name.

    I look forward to seeing the industry (photographers, creative directors, designers, editors) nurture the next wave of supermodels. It’s necessary. Like i said, I love Naomi, I just think its time that other girls shine. There’s more than one (1) black model in this world capable and worthy of BIG campaigns etc. She’s the only one you see, and lets be honest, it’s not like she got this amazing reputation. I’ve just been very impressed by new girls like Joan Smalls. Her images and her personality radiate supermodel. I’d like to see other black models (even Jourdan) have an opportunity to rightfully succeed. There are many white models so even if Kate Moss continues to work successfully, you still have 10 – 20 other white models that appear in every big campaign. I’m caucasian myself but i just think that it’s ok to have more than a single black girl that featured prominently. It seems…if a brand wants diversity or a black model they select Naomi when they could select others.

    Regardless, i LOVE Naomi :)

  6. Why does everyone want naomi to retire. The woman is amazing and is doing great work. No one wants kate to retire and the retouching that goes for her is second to none and by the way i love kate there is no other but i am just saying.
    I wish naomi would work more. Every cover of hers is a collector’s item. P

  7. Tessa – I think you’re a bit confused :(

    You’re delegitimzing Naomi’s heavenly divine body and then likening it to that of Julianne Moore..who does have a nice body in her own right but it is no where near that of Naomi. What…Naomi is not a size -2 so she should be sequestered to the badlands?!

    “Her body does not suit campaigns”? Yet there she is front and center in Dolce’s Occhiali campaign looking beyond incredible. She is a woman!
    Babe, that body is sick.

    Exactly on how many occasions have you seen Naomi in person? And how recently? (not that it’s impossible) but one does wonder as I find Naomi to look very much the same in person..very much so, absolutely beautiful, as Janelle and Betty who see her on a fairly frequent basis can certainly attest to her “photo-reality”. It is not as if she’s the only model to undergo retouching.

    That aside – you are missing something..girls like Jourdan, Joan and the like are being given a chance at supermodel success. Naomi is NOT in every major campaign, editorial or runway. Do you see her in Chanel, Fendi, Gucci, Prada, Lavin etc., or Estee Lauder like Joan, Lancome like Arlenis etc.?
    Where did you discover that theory? I’ll gladly provide a plane ticket so that you may launch that one away!
    These labels barely feature black women to begin with and when they do..you’re seeing the likes of Jourdan, Georgie, Jeneil etc.

    The reason as to why there are not more blacks models scattered about the fashion skyline is of no fault to Naomi but instead consider laying blame on the “ideals” of the fashion/luxury consumer industry whom generally render faces other than Scandic/Baltic whites as unacceptable. That is where the problem lies my dear..hence the ratio of multiple Kate Moss’. They do have the option to use more black models but often choose not to.

    And quite frankly if Naomi were to stop as you seem to so desire, then guess what? The recent uptick in use of black models could begin to dwindle…(as it does when the late spring/summer blondes drop in for some golden fun in the sun).. I digress.

    Naomi is a true force whose presence infact makes it increasingly more and more acceptable to utilize models of ethnic diversity. Even more so as her presence has infact increased, which us Naomi beloved could not be any happier for!

  8. Naomi is great, but let’s be real…her body isnt what it use to be. WHile her body is great for her age, it’s certainly not the bodytype that suits campaign images. YEs, you can select women like naomi and celebrities like Julianne moore, but they simply dont have the bodies, but they have a prominent and recognizable face and name.

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