Coachella Diary

Coachella may be over, but there is always time to reminisce on good times, good music and great friends. Simon Nessman and Gillian Manson-Hing take you on a behind the scenes look at the festival via some gorgeous shots taken by Gillian. The couple even shares their thoughts on the best moments of their trip in this special MDC exclusive.

“The drive from LA was incredible. We chose the scenic routes. Stopped at a reservoir on the way there surrounded by these beautiful glacial mountains, and on the drive back, we drove through the mountains and stopped to climb them.”

“Solitary fisherman and solitary Simon walking alongside.”

“Simon not impressed I’m photographing him”

“The Ferris Wheel was incredible! for $5 you could get 7 rotations and a view of the entire festival!”

We bumped into Simon’s friend Christian and his girlfriend Sheila while looking at the merch tent

Desert flowers and Simon climbing among the cacti glacial hills

“Mumford and Sons – so powerful-the style of music/ the voices / the energy. Definitely our favourite new band!”

“Arcade Fire – beautiful group. You would catch them checking out the audience with a genuine look of grateful awe in great moments.”

“It was incredibly hot. Simon and I got so burnt on the first day, we had to buy huge sun hats.”

All pictures by Gillian Manson-Hing for

  1. OH!! Christian and Sheila are so cool and hot!! Thanks for the pic.

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