J Crew Fall Presentation 2011

Over the past decade J.Crew has honed a style that is eclectic and instantly recognizable. Bright colors, strong patterns and bold accessories, combine to create a shabby chic meets sophisticated look that is as timeless as it is popular. Given the brand’s continuing evolution, their offerings for fall represent another layer of the line’s appeal. Stating classic films like Bonnie & Clyde and The Great Gatsby as sources of inspiration, the lineup was classic and colorful with a lineup of chic accessories taking center stage.

J Crew Fall Presentation Fall 2011
Executive creative director: Jenna Lyons
Womenswear designer: Marissa Webb
Menswear designer: Frank Muytjens
Casting: Julia Samersova
Text: Janelle Okowdu
Photos: Betty Sze for models.com

  1. YES ! I was waiting for this to finally come out. Francisco looks so beautiful.

  2. Does anyone know who the auburn haired girl in the purple/ fuchsia shirt with tan /grey jacket in the last picture is?

  3. Anyone else remember when Jcrew was geeky? It’s hard to seeing what they’re coming up with now. Great stuff.


  4. her name is julia hafstrom and they featured her on their website not too long ago, as well

  5. in the model and talent industry – a world often debauched of sex drugs, and rock and roll, one shouldn’t say they will do ANYTHING unless they mean ANYTHING. Some nice clothes and styling here, and good models.

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