Top 10 Newcomers FW11: Codie Young

Codie Young. Image courtesy of DNA

As the post-shows editorial cycle kicks in its clear a select circle of girls are set to have significant visibility in the upcoming months. One such standard bearer is Codie Young the newcomer who smashed through a 39 show debut season. This girl has been logging studio time virtually every day in the past two weeks and that is the sure sign of success.

  1. I’m surprised Codie wasn’t put on the list sooner, she had an incredible first show season! And with a stunning face like that, the success is sure to continue. Codie Young is one of a kind!!!

  2. I like Codie,
    But there where so much good new girls this season… I really expected that Daga, Maud or Dempsey were gonna be on the list as well… Hopefully one of them will be the last one!!

  3. wow! what a face! she’s like a renascence painting! this girl is going to be a huge star!

  4. Well, Codie Young did have a great season indeed! I been watching her for awhile on DNA’s website! Must say that DNA has finally bought the rain back! 3 Top Ten New Comer’s in one season…

  5. Horray for Codie! Much deserved! Wish Dempsey was on the list too as she had a stellar season with impeccable presence! It was a great Aussie season, with Julia Nobis doing very well too.

  6. i looove Codie, she is young and fresh, im so happy for her.
    also i love the fact that she is from Australia

  7. Codie has had the most amazing 12 months. Finishing school. First runway experience and then exploding onto the world’s show season. With a face like that…anything is possible. I wish her all the best.

  8. this photo shows her versatility which is key to career longevity.
    (my first thought was brighdie grounds channeling sophia loren…)

  9. I love her on film- not so impressed in person. I was waiting for something amazing from her this season after seeing the work she had done prior. As much as I hate to say it, I was so underwhelmed I really didn’t think she make the top 10. Congrats to her though. She does photograph amazingly.

  10. I love Codie, she’s great: great body structure, face features, attitude on and off the runway as well (I love her soft, calm, collected and impassive expressivity to death), one of the best new faces imo. During these Fashion Weeks she showed outstanding things, so convincing in practically every occasion, and I’m sure the best is yet to come.
    Btw with Emily Baker forms an outstanding South Pacific (Aussie / Kiwi) duo… ;)

  11. PS I read something about the “in person” chapter above (MissNicole), and yep, in fact she’s one of those models who give the “down to earth” sensation, she seems a girl like others you can normally meet around (hehe with a huge schoolbag and a smile on her face). But gosh, that’s great, it’s great ’cause 1) I love the fact a girl like her can be an amazing model, and 2) the fact she can transform this way in front of a camera or on a runway (for me too) is even greater and more astonishing – this is just my personal opinion, of course.

  12. Unfortunately I must agree with MissNicole’s earlier note:
    MissNicole says: March 31st, 2011 at 9:11 am
    “I love her on film- not so impressed in person.”
    Codie has such a stunning photogenic face, but it’s becomes lost in real life. She somehow appears unfriendly and doesn’t take model-like candids. I tossed my shots of her, besides runway looks. So it becomes hard to take a photo of her in person, especially when there are many models full of life in the same room. Out of all newcomers I was very impressed with Emily Baker.

  13. There is something about this girl that I just love. For one thing, her neck is so amazingly loong. Gosh people say mine is long and it’s nothing compared to hers!