Stephen Thompson Shimmers

Stephen ThompsonPH: Wayne for MDC

Major’s Stephen Thompson is in the midst of a huge press buzz due his breakthrough booking as an albino model  in  the SS11 Givenchy campaign. In the interview he gave to MDC this afternoon, Mr Thompson revealed interesting details and facets that certainly makes him one of the most exciting new proposals for 2011. Stay tuned for the New Year’s exclusive.

  1. I love that Shaun Ross openeed the doors for other male albino models to book work . . he looks great

  2. I love his look but the fact that Givenchy used him does not show any type of statement. I feel as if causcasian albino’s really dont differ but a african american albino would have been great

  3. I think everyone here saying things about Ross is clearly following up on Ross’s self-perceived high acclaim. Maybe I have short term memory but I don’t ever remember Shaun Ross booking any major campaigns so I doubt he opened doors for Stephen Thompson.

    With that being said, I love this model. I mean he’s albino but he’s albino in an intriguing sense where you could look at him and say, you know he could just be really pale with white hair. He’s interesting to me.

  4. Ok he is different cause he is very white, snow/ white, and thats very special ( afcourse if its not colored or something in this way) but speaking about interesting face ? he is looking like a dad/MAN going up to his 40ties !

  5. I honestly agree with some of the earlier statements above me due to the fact that this man above is way over age in a sense and Ross is young , I have not also seen Ross book any major campaigns and the fact that he is huge from doing nothing says a lot about him. I have followed Ross’s career for sometime and he really hasn’t done anything ground breaking but is known far more than most.

    You have to remember that most of the people who visit will share very complex comments but if you were to ask someone randonly in the street im sure they would know ross over anything or mistake Stacey Mckenzie for being albino even though Diandra Forrest and Connie Chiu are real albino’s. I love the campaign for givenchy but honestly think its tacky that they would leave it up to a white man to say he started the trend .

    Fashion is starting to become useless because designers are afraid to give the odd a try. I don’t think this is brilliant of Ricardo Tisci because as “Mikelle” said you would just look at him and say he is just an interesting person with pale skin and white hair and that how I look at stephen. Using actual albino’s such as Connie Chui , Diandra Forrest and Shaun Ross would have been more clever but these people are more of stars and no designer likes more attention that given necessary so they used the most minimalistic Albino person they could find . . . . . Who is white.

    I like his look I hope to see him together with Ross or Diandra

  6. He was around before Shaun Ross shooting with the likes of Stephen Klein years ago, he opened his own doors. Not to discredit Ross for his unique look, but don’t credit him for Stephen’s look and recent success…

  7. This guy is amazing looking, and has been around for a while. A lot longer than Shaun Ross, who is overrated imo.


  9. Riccardo Tisci has been pushing the envelope with The House of Givenchy since he’s been appointed. example: Booking models of color in his mens presentations, featuring transsexual model Lea T in a global campaign, which has all boosted the sales for LVMH.

    I personally would like to believe that this campaign is based on Thompson’s cold, beautiful/awkward look, and not on the decision of choosing the better albino model, because Shaun Ross’s portfolio clearly speaks for his self in every aspect of Fashion/Art..(& Mr.Ross should be very verbally about his achievements in fashion for obvious reasons)..

    The only reason this is a topic of discussion is because of the lack of models of color in this industry…and until we start demanding and not just bitching about ethical changes, it will always be a topic of discussion..

    So if anything we should applaud Givenchy for stirring up the pot in the fashion industry..because mens fashion was getting very fuckin boring for several season…

  10. no he is not my type. i agree with some people he is looking old even if he is not old at all! But yeah think this guy gonna be big after all , he did a givenchy campaign come on !
    Fashion this days get crazier, they looking for the most weirdest looks, then before when they were looking for WEIRD BEAUTY <!!
    well i wish him good look !!!

  11. He has such soulful,intense eyes. Sometimes when the overall effects of the entire person can be too overwhelming,there will always be some other forgiving and beautiful aspects of that person that you can focus on.

  12. i saw a pic of this guy a few months ago and said this guy is hot!!! used it on my wallpaper on my computer… now he booked givenchy?! that’s awesome!!! great job! wish him goodluck!

  13. I love him he is much better than Shawn Ross! And I love that Givenchy makes catalogs with Lea T or with him!