Hail Hannelore


Hannelore/Vision NY . Ph Meisel for Vogue Italia Jan 04
She took a year off to work with Azzedine Alaia, but it certainly looks like the newly blonde Belgian icon Hannelore is back in the editorial A-list. With front and center positioning in the current Prada ads and cool snaps in the current issue of Vogue Italia with Steven Meisel. Hannelore should be an intriguing presence at the upcoming shows. And if she ever tires of the catwalk, a certified career as a major fashion editrix is hers to claim. God bless the girls who really love fashion…Speaking of girls who love fashion, the buzz circulating through the NY castings is that its going to be a New Faces season. With shops as diverse as IMG, Vision, Supreme, 1 Management and Marilyn importing upwards of 15 totally new models each, MDC has been running from outpost to outpost tracking the hottest of the hot. We have our favorites and we look forward to previewing them for your pleasure starting next week.

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