Preen’s Precision

Preen Spring / Summer 2011

Preen strikes again with a streamlined collection of perfectly cut, beautifully made clothes; it’s no wonder Preen’s designs fly off the shelves as these are precisely the outfits girls want in their closets! To experience the collection from a fresh perspective, see our exclusive pictures from the runway, only in MDX and to find out more about what inspired it all, check out our interview with designers Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi.

MDC: What was the inspiration for the collection?

Justin: Initially it came from a trip we took to Egypt, we were inspired by the skyline and the architecture. That is where the colors came from really, the blue of the sky and the sand tones throughout.

MDC: Who would you say is the Preen girl?

Justin: It is a cool girl, she wants to be a little different, she’s got a strong personality and she’s fun.

Thea: She has a little bit of a frivolous side as well.

MDC: Now I know you two live in London, how do you feel that showing in New York has affected your business?

Justin: We love being at Milk, it is a great venue and they are really supportive. Showing in New York has been really good for our business, this is our third year.

Thea: The American people are so warm and the New York scene is a little more commercially minded than London.

Justin: I think once we started showing in New York people took us really seriously, not just in America but around the world.

MDC: What would you say is the next step for Preen?

Justin: At the moment we just want to keep building the brand, possibly branch out into accessories, shoes and perfume eventually.

MDC: The shoes this season were incredible.

Justin: Thank you, We did the shoes with Pollini this season and they turned out beautifully.

MDC: Is there one element of the Preen look that everyone should incorporate into their style this season?

Justin: I think we tried to do dresses that could go from day into dinner. Not just things people could use for special occasions or parties. That’s why a lot of the pieces that look like a blouse and a skirt are actually a full dress. We tried to add a sporty and casual element to things.

MDC: Casual, but still so elegant.

Thea: Exactly.