IMG New Faces Bonanza

Where is that new IMG power generation is the question OTM has been asking for the past two weeks. ” Oh you’ll see, ” was the assured response from the IMG camp and the answer came loud and clear when, six, count em, six previously unseen newcomers stomped down the catwalk for Prada SS08 yesterday. From opening face Adina Forizs (more to come later) to the other striking Prada newcomers like Daria Stroukos, Alana Kuznetsova, Yazminka Muratovich, Anna Gushina and Kamila Filipcikova IMG rocked out with a total of 14 girls. Here are some exclusive video highlights, specially commissioned for MDC, of four of those instant must-haves. Stay tuned for our second batch of newcomers.

Video 1. Alana.

Video 2.Anna Gushina.

Video 3.Daria+ Alana

Video 4.Yazminka Walking.

Video 5. Yazminka close-up.

  1. Yazminka Muratovich is gorgeus!
    i love kamila f. sa well. i noticed
    that she always go in pair with agnete hegeldung in editorials.

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