1. Misscongeniality,

    Who is the guy in the package for Mrs Ford to approve or disapprove?

    * * *

    What might have been a tricky first show package for Paul Rowland at Ford has been masterfully handled. He has clearly shown deference to the Ford legacy and at the same time did it his own way. He and his girls seem to have settled in nicely at Ford and I look forward to seeing more from him.

  2. Ever since the new head of Ford has stepped in, the diversity within the agency has been thrown right out the window.

  3. No cards for Valerija K or Karlina or Crystal or Kelly M? They’re not walking?

  4. Not a good look on anyone, except Dafne…
    Great girls, but unflattering shots

  5. Paul is pure genius. Love Rose,Mayara,Mariel,Tayane,Alana,Hyoni,Polina,Kate.

  6. I understand he tried to do something different, but it does not work.
    It is a bad ripoff of Prada/Mad men? He should leave the photography
    to the masters. He should just book models….

  7. dafne is the girl …..omg ….look so amazing….antonella looks great too

  8. Where’s Chanel Iman and Jacquelyn Jablonski? Did they switch to new agencies?… anyway, I still love Ford and I love the show cards! Charlene, Tao, Alanna and Hanne!

  9. I’ve loved all of Paul’s concepts, the man is genius in our industry. However,I do not like this one – it’s not flattering to the models at all….

  10. Not every girls is made for this look, but “woman” is totally “The look” of the season!
    Paul IS a genius! And Beauty is finally back!

  11. agree with the rest that the styling is a bit off but overall the concept is pretty cool…great group of girls

  12. Completely in love with Hyoni, Hanne, Rose, Mariel, Karmen, Tao, Polina, Tayane. Beautiful women. It just keeps getting better!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. love the girls themselves, but k @ paul’s “genius.” this is an overpriced farce.

  14. Definitely unique from the batch of packages in this Spring Summer 2011! Although some shots do not reflect or highlight the beauty of the models, however what Mr Rowland is trying to convey is the natural real women look and I think this exudes this package clearly. A great diverse cast of girls! from Russian to Japanese to Filipina to Brazilian…thumbs up! Love Charlene and Tao and Karmen!

  15. Charlene! she’s such a chameleon…she looks different here from her editorial in Vogue China.

  16. Wow really love the concept Paul Rowland is a genius. Have to say love how conceptually he executes his ideas. Love Helle, Dafne, Tao and Karmen. I am sure ford is going to have major season.

  17. DAFNE …………. OMG! I did not recognize! stunning and beautiful! DAFNE AWESOME …!! AND ANTONELLA GRAEF AND ROSE, BUT ALSO VERY SURPRISING ……. DAFNE gets the credit … DAFNE I LOVE YOU!

  18. … nobody really likes this pack, so they probably got to the point!
    if it was another agency doing the same …… disaster!

  19. i agree. Where is anne sophie?! she has always been my favourite in fords package.

  20. Where is last January’s SOTW winner???!! All that pomp and circumstance and she’s still not deemed gorge enough to be in this show package?

  21. Gabe: You mean Karlina Caune? Unfortunately she didn’t do well last season and she only walked for Stella McCarthy for Resort 2011

  22. Let’s face it! Genius = Jealousy. This package is Supreme. . . ooops. . .I mean FORD!

    Brilliant Paul!

  23. Paul will NEVER fall.
    Paul can NEVER fall.
    Ford now has it all…PAUL.

  24. I´m really dissapointed that Dafne C. didn´t do a lot of shows. I really wanted to see more of her. Hope she does better in Europe.