New Faces: Request Models Men S/S 2011

We capture some of Request Model Management NY’s hottest new men’s faces in town (and some new to Request) for a special OTM walk video. Take a peek at our exclusive snaps below and see the rest of their male modeling stars in their S/S 11 show package right here.
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Sebastian/Sweden. Aleg from Russia

Carl/Martinique. Pavel/Russia

Mikhael Ayoub/Brazil. Anthony/USA

Remy/USA. Tommy/USA

Serjo/Israel. Janis/Latvia

Sasha/Russia. Chris/Poland

Eric/USA. Marshall/USA

  1. carl, anthony and remy are the best of this bunch for me. especially carl, hes beautiful and masculine – i think hed have great runway presence.

  2. The video thing is awesome. Not that this particular video is awesome, but to see the guys walking, moving and talking in front of the camera, give casting directors a completely different perspective on the model. It’s almost as if you could sense the energy, and to me, at least, energy is very important.
    I like Request kids. They’ve got some pretty awesome models. Having said that, I think is strange that some of the guys I’m the most excited about are not featured here. What about Guido Carminatti? Or Franklin?
    Anyways, I’m very interested in Mikhael Ayoub, Marshall and Sasha. They have a really intriguing look. Haven’t had the chance to meet them yet, but so far I like them.
    Good luck Request!

  3. Carl looks great..Great going Carl..represent for SAINT
    Good Luck Request!

  4. marshalls growing up…i remember him coming to a casting w/ a hickie…it was too cute!

  5. I like Pavel’s walk the best, but there’s something I like about Sasha and I think Anthony and Remy have the strongest faces.

  6. i really like Pavel and Eric , the rest doesn’t really stand out in my opinion..

  7. Gaspard in the background is sooo fun! we need MEN! im hating out all these models r so feminine! we need more models like ALim that vny picked up!

    Common Gaspard!

  8. Aleg has the most killer stare!Carl,Anthony and Eric has such a great face.However Pavel has the best walk.Mikhael and Janis has a strong presence.

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