Modelstyle: Anais

Anais @ Trump Models, looking beautiful on Bond Street

Anais Pouliot‘s has the kind of casual, easy going style that looks effortless. Her winning combination of frayed corduroy shorts, a button down shirt and edgy heels feels completely casual and with her lanky figure and bee-stung lips the French-Canadian beauty makes even the most basic wardrobe items look fresh. After having walked for the coolest designers in NY/London and having a Miu Miu exclusive in Paris, Anais knows a thing or two about fashion. We caught up with the leggy beauty to discuss her wardrobe essentials and how she stays so chic!

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Anais tells us a little bit about her personal must haves.


Sky blue nail polish, a J.Crew button down and the perfect Chanel classic flap


A golden vintage belt and snakeskin booties


A moment alone at Anais favorite restaurant, The Smile

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  1. The picture for the video looks like a girl version of simon nessman :D

  2. lovely.
    great bod.
    her lips are a bit too close to her nose.
    killer legs.
    try acting.
    you’ll do better than print.
    better “crowd” . . .
    god bless.

  3. what a gorgeous girl does anybody know what agency she models for? I can see why shes a model she has everything a model needs a lanky body, high cheekbones and puffy lips yet dark and serious eyes. sh reminds of a my grandmothers french porcelin baby doll absolutely GORGEOUS

  4. she is absolutely stunning! shes so beautiful but as soon as she talks her expression changes to friendly and when she poses she has this really concentrated/serious expression that makes one take her serious.Great girl!

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