Top 10 Newcomer FW 10: Caroline (Elite)


Caroline Brasch Nielsen Image courtesy of Elite Denmark

Meet Caroline Brasch Nielsen, the flawless Danish newcomer who is the walking proof that Paris with its plethora of incredibly influential designers can certainly output a breaking star. In a town not known for consensus in its casting philiosophies  Ms Neilsen  so far has locked spots for Balenciaga, Givenchy, Dries van Noten, Viktor and Rolf, Chanel, Celine , Miu Miu, YSL , Vuitton and Valentino (in opening position). That debut puts Caroline in a very bankable position for next season when she will be set to make her NY and Milan debut. And there you have it…instant blue chip straight from that almighty Elite Paris factory.

  1. in all her shows so far (an amazing accomplishment for her agency) caroline has stood out because she is so painfully plain. don’t get me wrong – i’m all for different types of looks from pretty pretty to very unique and everything in between. but plain jane just scream’s jc penney and not runway. i hope to god she isn’t a trend.

  2. I wonder when Melissa Tammerijn would be a top ten newcomer.
    She didn´t open a show yet (Maybe LV or Miu Miu) but she did Versace-Chanel-Prada-Calvin Klein and all the other big shows.

  3. I think that she’s cute but not striking with very nice skin…. but bland…. unfortunately, that is the trend right now. God, please bring back the striking Brazilians. Check out Lisalla Montenegro (IMG). OMG….. lol

  4. Well she’ll probably do amazingly well, given the fact that the plain/unusual look seems to be on trend at the moment.

  5. Wow, can u guys post a flattering picture of her? She looks very tired and haggard here and also look like in need of a week’s sleep!

    Just a suggestion! Its not flattering!

  6. These are the pictures her agencies (both of them) sent us. Not every polaroid has to be “beautiful”. Sometimes it’s about capturing an essence of a girl.


  7. I think she looks good in a hard core sort of way. Not everything has to be pretty or sexy–there’s too much of that as it is. But then again I’m a big fan of deathstares. A very cool look.

  8. Wow, so many dislike this, I think she’s stunning! It’s not about beauty necessarily, but she has a face you can’t stop looking at. Nothing is more important.

  9. Caroline is by far my favorite of the new crop of models who have made the top 10 so far (besides Joan Smalls, of course, who I fell in love with when she was still an unkown; I’m SO happy she is finally being recognized as the blue chip beauty she is). Looking at the collections, Caroline has such a captivating face, a face that I just can’t take my eyes off. There is something sinister to her gorgeousness, a bit of a femme fatale essence to her flawless structured face. While at first I didn’t think this picture did her any justice, it has grown on me, mainly because it captures her raw, animal sexuality. She has that feline sultriness to her that makes her look like the type who would eat a man up and spit him back out as if he were a Jolly Rancher. In a season of boring, dull, minimalist look-alikes (honestly, the last two blondes that made the top 10 are totally interchangeable and completely forgettable), Caroline really stands out. And I must give props to another stunning, mysterious brunette who I am stunned has not been named to the top 10 yet: Barbara Palvin. She is 20 times more memorable–and promising– than those dull, yawn-inducing blondes.

  10. I understand not every photo has to be “beautiful” but this isn’t even “edgy” which makes up for beautiful. It is just a mess. I agree with the others. from this, its hard to tell what is special. Just not so flattering, sorry.

  11. I don’t know why but she reminds me of Behati Prinsloo, maybe because her eyes.

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