Courrèges F/W 24 Had Sartorial Innuendo

The chaos backstage at Courrèges | Photo by Sonny Vandevelde

What’s black and white and read all over? This review on how Courrèges’ sensual showing for F/W 24 had viewers blushing with an evocative collection and Rémy Brière-led set design. Creative director Nicolas Di Felice wanted to talk you through it and as the set started to breathe suggestively, a soundtrack composed by Di Felice, Erwan Sene and Sophie Koella ushered in a parade of models with hands tucked into sensually placed pockets. Love pockets aside, the erotic mood still aligned with the house’s Space Age roots with treated PVC fabrics, shined leathers, and intimately wrapped frocks that gave the wearer options on how to drape. Outside of a singular red look, Di Felice executed with a neutral palette of blacks, browns, greys and whites rendered in hooded balaclava dresses, jumpsuits, and sweatshirts tucked into trenches. Cast by DMCASTING’s Piergiorgio Del Moro and Helena Balladino, photographer Sonny Vandevelde takes us behind the scenes of the sensually epic show.

All photos by Sonny Photos | Indigital for

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