Top 10 Newcomer FW 07 : Sofi

Sofi/Supreme. Image courtesy of Supreme

You glimpsed Sofi Berelidze marching purposefully down the Marc Jacobs runway last night, but OTM senses it’s just the beginning of an extensive FW 07 runway trail for this supremely poised newcomer. “Sexy secretary” one onlooker was known to comment as Sofi whipped by at a casting but there is more to this Canadian teenager than that cliche. That angular line drawing of a body might be a dream to fit but what makes Sofi incredibly valuable in OTM’s eye is the speed with which she’s absorbing the new information of castings, fittings, backstage theater and personal style. Ambition without desperation and that effortless and inherent grace means Sofi is going to be booked from here to kingdom come. Wait until they get their hands on her in Europe!

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