Geometric and Sensual Silhouettes Were at Center-Stage for Courrèges F/W 22

Marie Loridan & Metta Irebe

In the last year, French heritage house Courrèges has had a significant revival, becoming a fan favorite for younger consumers, all thanks to CEO Adrien Da Maia and Artistic Director Nicolas Di Felice, who presented his first collection for the “space-age” company last March. For F/W 22 Di Felice kept the brand’s legacy in mind from the silver can-filled set design, pulling inspiration from a 1973 Courrèges collection video captured at a wrecking yard; to a dialing up of the Courrèges space race motifs pulled from early 60s collections. The new line dubbed “Principle of our Geometry” (the name was subtly seen on Isheja Morella’s look) featured angular cut-out pieces that were matrix-meets-sexy-minimalism. The notable cast of models including Sora Choi, Vittoria Ceretti, Mica Argañaraz, and Kendall Jenner strutting in leather thigh-high boots, ski-size glasses, and ultra-mini skirts. Repetition was key as those geometric shapes were spotlighted on the side and neckline of dresses — you also couldn’t miss the sizable Courrèges logo earrings. Latex, leather, and more latex were amongst the materials spun into the collection with a polished, aluminum-like details that complemented dramatic coat sleeves paired with micro loop bags.

All images shot by Elodie Chapuis for

Mika Schneider & Brunela Di Gaetano

Esra Turkkanli

Marisa Jean & Gloria Zupic

Fenne Talens

Nikita Nightingale

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