Take Stock: Binx Walton, Qun Ye and more of the models making the biggest moves

Fernanda Ly: The always endearing Fernanda is a pro at reinvention. She became known for her signature pink hair, but now sports a shock of platinum blonde. Fernanda hasn’t gone anywhere, just the pink hair––this just-in Juergen Coach campaign is making sure everyone gets that same memo.

Adesuwa Aighewi: A first Vogue cover (Thailand), is always a shot in the arm, not that the inimitable Adesuwa needs any reminders of her qualifications. Still!

Qun Ye: Aside from a handful of top shows, this Prada resort campaign is by far the most global exposure Qun Ye has gotten to date. Well-timed bookings could have a snowball effect just in time for winter!

Deirdre Firinne: Deirdre just bagged her second cover next to Purple Magazine, adding Document Journal to a small but mighty list of much-envied publications to face.

Binx Walton: Binx just joined our Icons list and can now, officially, look down at all of us plebs.

Lexi Boling: Lexi, too, just joined our Icons list cementing her place in the hall of model rockstars.

Valeriia Karaman: A prominent role in Robert Eggers’ latest art-thriller film, “The Lighthouse”, with Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe, is beyond your typical bragging rights––it’s huge! FYI Eggers also directed the chilling horror film, “The Witch”.

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