1. I do have to admitt, he is in my top five list as well. Use to think Vladimir Ivanov was a sexy boy too, but recently seen some videos of him, and very immature at times. That just ruined his image for me. Where is Vincent Lacrocq? I miss that boy. And David Gandy.

  2. I really liked this from the bottom of my heart but i wished that one of them was holding an N. thank u models.com

  3. Jon Kortajarena, wow!

    Have you seen the movie ” A Single Man”?

    Ive never seen a more Beautiful creature than him…..stunning!

  4. Orgullosa, de tener compatriotas como Jon…le deseo una exitosa carrera profesional…besos!!!
    Proud have compatriots as Jon…I wish one successful professional career… kisses!

  5. great idea, and the boys looks beautiful, but the whiteness is blinding me… you? :)

  6. that’s really amazing..

    they look as we say for girls models…”supermodels”…nice photo of Taylor Fuchs too!

  7. i never saw Jon Kortajarena as beautifull as he was in A single man…Mr Ford must really love him..it was ages that a male model showed all that personality ..he deserve to be star

  8. Eddie Klint catches my attention…big time! Love this and how everything was orchestrated and presented. Kudos to Saverio Cardia for this pleasant intermission from the sweat-heavy world of fashion business.

  9. …this is a lot of fun!
    Jon is absolutely fantastic, what face!

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