Tonight in London: “Drawing a Blank” assembles the next wave of artists in one place

Ben Broome began “Drawing a Blank“, or abbreviated drabl on Instagram, in 2016––since then, the yearly itinerant art installation-cum-party has taken various shapes in various vacant spaces whether in Peckham, Bermondsey or Harlem, but always in the name of supporting its curation of buzzy artists and their respective crafts. Previously, familiar names in fashion circles like Hannah Moon, Tyrone Lebon and Tyler Mitchell have appeared as part of Broome’s next-gen medley. Tonights opening, which takes place at Charing Cross Road in London, features 15 artists (most of which happen to be US-based) like Zora Sicher, Jack Greer, Stef Mitchell, Kesewa Aboah and more. It’s here now, but not forever or even long. If you’re in London, Drawing a Blank can be seen from May 9th until the 12th.

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