These Models Just Walked Prada For the First Time

Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

In past seasons, Prada has stood as the make or break booking in a model’s career. Add an exclusive or debut asterisk to the gig and you have a set up that puts you on the radar of the bellwethers of editorial and advertising. Cast by Ashley Brokaw, today’s show introduced the brand new faces, recently established names and even one surprising Super to the Prada famiglia. Take a look at the lucky faces below.


Amal Lola

Ana Barbosa

Assa Baradji

Bomi Youn

Cara Delevingne

Chen Yuan

Chun Jin

Claudia Bonetti

Cyrielle Lalande

Elen Sramkova

Emily Driver

Evelyn Nagy

Irina Puntín

Isa Peerdeman

Kerolyn Soares

Lys Lorente

Mariana Barcelos

Masha Chubenko

Merry Mae

Mona Tougaard

Nana Skovgaard

Sofia Steinberg

Tang He

Tanya Churbanova

Valeria Buldini

Vivien Fehér

Xue Huizi

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