Brooklyn’s Finest


Brooklyn by Matthias Vriens in Elle January 2010

With her fresh faced, All-American look and engaging personality, Brooklyn Decker is that perfect combination of model and spokesperson: like Cindy Crawford and Heidi Klum before her, Brooklyn entices men in her sexy editorials while, appealing to women with her natural charisma. Her latest project is a special collaboration with Elle magazine for a series of DVDs that combine fitness and fashion advice. The Elle Make Better DVDs provide a unique experience for viewers, as well as a true showcase for Brooklyn’s talents. Recently, Brooklyn sat down with MDC to tell us even more about herself and the Elle Make Better philosophy.

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The natural born beauty that is Brooklyn Decker. (photos by Betty for MDC)


A trio of winners.


Who wouldn’t want to look like Brooklyn?

  1. Who doesnt love a beautiful well spoken successful young woman who is also a model!!!..Who says models cant speak and are stupid?? Great job on shuttin’ ’em up Brooklyn! I heart


  2. I love her! She’s so beautiful, and so down to earth. I think she’s a wonderful role model (no pun intended!) for young women!

  3. Oi papou a cabeca. Sempre revento mihnas tripas, again and again!
    O mesmo cafona e sim pipireca! Brooklyn realizes my dreams, ma fosta no chao, eu prepreco!! Sai, sai, demonio, muta mucha o maior demencia the world has ever seen!

  4. It would be nice to know more of how she keeps her beauty. Does she die her hair, what does she eat and a daily basis…..

  5. I believe the public would like to know more about her ie. does she die her hair, what does she eat on a daily basis.

    Yes she is beautiful.

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