Jolie Alien is exhibiting her Basquiat-inspired paintings in Moscow

Image LEFT: Flyer for Image “Just Felt Like It” / RIGHT: Photo credit Getty: Pietro D’aprano / Contributor

Moscow: Two Document covers to her name, a history of favor with Jil Sander and now her first exhibition “Just Felt Like It” adds painter to the list of things ascending in Jolie Alien‘s pursuits. The Belgian-Russian model, only seventeen-years-old, will be showing twenty some paintings at Moscow’s Kino Gallery––works she’s created at home and abroad across the globe while being summoned to be photographed by the likes of Mario Sorrenti and Willy Vanderperre. With influence from one of her favorite painters Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jolie’s creations are frenetic mash-ups of what (one must suspect) is going on in her mind at any given time. “I buy a new canvas, put on my favorite music, I create,” she says of how she hatches one of her seemingly impulsive works, continuing, “I am searching for my dimensions of beauty and all my paintings are a search!” If you aren’t in Russia to see her show, it’s worth watching how the talented hyphenate will continue to evolve considering Jolie Alien is part of a new generation of motivated multi-disciplines. The exhibition will be on from November 13th to the 23rd.

Jolie’s Instagram handle is @Jolie.Alien , Visit her page and click or tap the heart icon to favorite Jolie and keep track of her work.

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