Remembering Daul Kim


Daul Kim at Dave’s in Paris 2008. PH. Stephan Moskovic

We were very saddened today in the office to hear about the tragic death of Daul Kim. Apart from being stunned at the news there’s also a devastating sense that a bright, vivid and intriguing young girl has left us. I’m not even thinking about issues of her being a model or a chic young fashionista who might have grown up to be a great editor or stylist or actress.  I’m thinking about the specialness of this girl as a human being… the inspiring quality of her mind… her ambition… her joy when she went to work.  I’m saddened that her world as a human being became so despairing for her even as we assumed that life must have been magical and glamorous.  I’ve only really had two extended conversations with Daul but I remember very vividly the life-force and passion in her eyes when she talked about clothes and travel and art and the irony of her being famous. Our deepest sympathy to her family and  friends. And I truly wish that her spirit will find peace.

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