Remembering Daul Kim


Daul Kim at Dave’s in Paris 2008. PH. Stephan Moskovic

We were very saddened today in the office to hear about the tragic death of Daul Kim. Apart from being stunned at the news there’s also a devastating sense that a bright, vivid and intriguing young girl has left us. I’m not even thinking about issues of her being a model or a chic young fashionista who might have grown up to be a great editor or stylist or actress.  I’m thinking about the specialness of this girl as a human being… the inspiring quality of her mind… her ambition… her joy when she went to work.  I’m saddened that her world as a human being became so despairing for her even as we assumed that life must have been magical and glamorous.  I’ve only really had two extended conversations with Daul but I remember very vividly the life-force and passion in her eyes when she talked about clothes and travel and art and the irony of her being famous. Our deepest sympathy to her family and  friends. And I truly wish that her spirit will find peace.

  1. Daul Kim is my favorite model. She was fantastic and beautiful model
    So I’m so sad but I pray that she be happy in heaven
    my warmest tribute to the memory of the deceased

    당신을 많이 좋아했습니다. 편히 잠드세요

  2. 처음 어느 겨울뉴욕의 빵집앞에서 처음 보고 이쁘다 하고 지나쳤는데 TV에서 보니 다울씨였어요 그때 알았죠 모델이였구나하고..
    그리고 항상 지켜보면서 뿌듯했죠..힘든 뉴욕생활하며 자랑스러웠습니다.
    꿈을 꿀수 있게 해 주었죠..
    다울씨 편히 쉬세요..그리고 우리가 있습니다.

  3. If anything from this we can learn to make people feel special and not just on a superficial level. Telling someone they are beautiful or “fierce” does not do much for their lonely nights and missed birthdays. Love those around you and reach out to those not in your circle. RIP beautiful Daul. Thank you for the life long lesson and enjoy your new home in heaven.

  4. 다울 그곳에서는 꼭 행복하세요…
    당신만 생각하면 너무 마음이 아픕니다..
    당신이 떠난뒤에야 당신이 겪어야 했던 슬픔들을 알게되어 가슴이 아픕니다.
    고마웠습니다.. RIP Daul..

  5. After she’s gone, the November issue of fashion magazines (showing her editorials, catwak pics..and etc.) out in newsstands as if she’s with us still.

  6. WOW…this news is rather shocking…she was just so full of spunk and had such a great style. She’s one of the few asian woman who you can say MADE it in the runway…may you finally be happy
    R.I.P Daul Kim we will miss you dearly

  7. l do like her!i’m very sad!she just a girl!
    i can’t believe it!
    i wish that she can find peace at heaven

  8. Daul Kim was so special. She had a way of making every one around her laugh. She spoke her mind. She was so talented and will be missed. God Bless You Daul Kim!!!!

  9. 아이엠어모델때 보고 좋아져서 미니홈피도 자주들르고 했었는데 학교마치고 검색어를봤더니 반가운이름이 있길래 얼른 눌렀습니다 근데…. 말도안되는기사가… 정말 충격이었습니다.. 좋은곳으로 가시길바랍니다…

  10. RIP Daul ♥ i’ve struggled with depression too but remembering the people i love and the pain of losing someone is what keeps me going. and my friends. things can always get better though i wish she knew it.

  11. I was so shoked when I heard your news… So sad.. You were my role model for me Its hard to believe…

    부디 편한 곳으로 가시길! 행복하세요..! xoxo

    -your fan Iann

  12. 다울언니 그동안 힘들었던거 다 잊고
    하늘나라에서 편히 지내시길 바래요.
    처음부터 언니를 좋아한건 아니지만, 모델로써 프로패셔널한
    모습을 보고 좋아지기 시작했는데.. 모델 김다울이 너무나
    그리울 것 같습니다.
    아. 이젠 잡지에서만 볼수있다는 사실이 너무나 가슴이 아파요.

  13. I can’t believe these news. I am so shocked!
    Daul, you were one of my favorite models. Not only were your pictures amazing, but the videos I saw of you from (I think it was from there, it was a little while ago) showed an interesting person with a vibrating personality.

    We’ll miss you in Iceland.

    Rest in peace.

  14. Omg.. I can’t believe it still now.. Daul.. I will remember all your works. And… I LUV U Daul. You know..You were an great person and great woman.

  15. i cant believe how you went! and your issue of Russh Came out!
    in you tribute i bought 10 of the same copies and gave them to my work friends who also adore you wrote letters and signed it! no they should be floating in the ocean for you to see them!
    PS i dont care of water poluting when i hear your name

    love always.
    new zealand

  16. I don’t know Daul and never heard about her , i just found the news on the paper about her death them when i come home i’ve searched the internet and saw her in pics for the first time, and i can say she was a very talented young girl, hope god watch her in heaven RIP Daul. x

  17. It was after her death that I learned about Daul.
    She seems so inspiring and talented. Her way of talking and describing her feelings and thinkings, is so special and unique.
    I cannot believe that she made this choice.
    I miss her a lot.

  18. I wish you hadn’t done that.
    How would it be if you were still with us?
    I just hope you’re happier in the place you’re now.
    We will meet one day.
    Goodbye for now, Daul. xx

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