Each and every one of Magdalena’s quotes–ranked

If you follow Magdalena Frackowiak at all, you would know that in addition to being one of Poland’s finest exports–fashion icon, fan favorite or otherwise–she’s a whole lot of extra: extra genetically favored, extra attitude, extra uninhibited, extra bitchy–the fabulous kind. All that and her own eponymously-named jewelry line bestow the decorated model with nearly endless bragging rights. She freely shows-off said blessings on her Instagram customarily accompanied by catchphrases that elevate the form of address “bitch” to Magdalenian levels of feeling-myself. Lucky for us, the Queen of Self-acceptance (as one YouTuber dubbed her) made them available as tee shirts which she offers to those less worthy and those who have roughly $30 US dollars. “Quotes by the Queen” include: “Serve it bitch” for example, featuring an image of Magdalena literally serving herself on a countertop; or “Bitch kiss my ass”, realized by the words printed over an image of Magdalena’s very own derrière.

Below we rank each and every one of her quotes, which one is your favorite?

1. Bitch I love myself

2. Bitch is my religion

3. Bitch kiss my ass

4. Bitch

5. Bitch…and God created Virgil

6. Bitch out of my view

7. Bitch I need your attention 24/7

8. In my secret garden,
Bitch without a thorn,
Bitch without a scorn

9. Bitch chill your horses

10. I want to be your bitch tonight

11. Serve it bitch

12. I am the boss bitch

13. Call me a bad bitch

14. Slay