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Photo: Yoon Mi Sun
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Simon Porte Jacquemus and models

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Backstage at Jacquemus’ sultry “Le Souk” that warmed up winter collections

Images by Melodie Jeng for Models.com

At the Petit Palais Monday, Simon Porte Jacquemus told his latest story “Le Souk”–a story Jacquemus needed to tell. right. away. Eager after seduced by his summer in Morocco, hence the souk reference; so seasonly he declared his F/W 2018 a “hot winter” despite the -3 celsius temperatures in Paris. Where others bundled up their models head to toe, Jacquemus articulated in 58 revealing looks one of his most sensual, well-dressed women yet (even after “La Bomba”). Before our eyes the adored Parisian designer becomes more fluent, more thoughtful, more buyable, in each go. Best looks were plenty to choose from like show opener, Ellen Rosa’s, pale gold, silk jumpsuit, or Barbara Valente’s pinched, green kaftan. Model’s like Iana Godnia, Assa Baradji, Dilone, Marte Mei van Haaster did service to his sun-thirsty, figure-loving designs. At the end, for that new job announcement Jacquemus had been teasing on social media he made it very clear by wearing a sweater that simply read: L’Homme Jacquemus. View our backstage coverage of this show in the gallery above!

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