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Bianca Henry, Abby Champion

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GIFs from Matty Bovan’s fanciful first solo show complete with floating headpieces

Images by Kate Bones for Models.com

We’ve been looking forward to Matty Bovan’s first solo show, the twenty-some designer has emerged as one of London Fashion Weeks most exciting events, and now given he has some more legroom to do with as he pleases, there was a sense of freedom in the air. What did he do? Bovan delivered a matured liberation of his former self. The collection we saw go down his grey, monotone runway was, as always, a rollicking good time for Fall 2018, with the return of some signatures. Not only that, the clothes were ready-to-wear for how theoretical that can seem at time with his brilliantly complex concoctions–pulled off with a little bit of an IDGAF attitude. His fanciful finale pieces were topped with floating headpieces made of different balloons of red, black, silver and gold, which looked totally super here. They we’re designed by milliner none other than Stephen Jones, no big deal. On the model side, Matty never disappoints for such a new designer: Adwoa Aboah opened, and Hannah Motler closed. In-between them we saw Veronika Vilim, Lily Nova, Winnie Harlow, Lily McMenamy and more, all in those open-faced balaclava masks, touring his catwalk. Don’t miss all the GIFs!

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