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Name: Simona McIntyre Agency: Marilyn NY Age: 17 Height: 5'10" Place of Origin: I was born in Florida and grew up in Canada. Discovered: I won a model search with my mother agent, Chantale Nadeau. In just 2 weeks I was signed with Marilyn and on a plane to NY! Favorite things: I'm an adventurous chick, so trying and seeing new things; really living in the moment. Favorite animal: I fancy Giraffes because they're lanky yet graceful. Hobbies: Academics, especially literature and math. I am sporty with a competitive, athletic background. I also have passion for the Arts, fashion, and meeting new people. Favorite foods: I like it fresh, simple and organic; whole and healthy tastes as an aspect of my lifestyle is vegan. Favorite model/designer: It is easy to favor most such as: Marc Jacobs, Miuccia Prada, Karl Lagerfeld and those eco friendly like Stella McCartney. I look up to successful models like Caroline Trentini. Place you'd love to visit: I want to travel and experience many diverse places, particularly Sweden to celebrate my family roots. Having close family is a constant in my life, keeping me always at home.

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Photo: Hamish Kippen

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