The Modern Muses – Exclusive MDC Preview

Posted by Stephan Moskovic | February 20th, 2011

Muse Magazine hits the stands with a special Luigi Murenu curated issue featuring a stunning mix of model stars ranging from the iconic (think Carolyn Murphy, Gisele, Rie, Bridget and Karen) to the ultra-current (the compelling Saskia) shot by Daniele Duella and Iango Henzi. Both sculptural and sensual this new Muse is a serious collector’s item. Scroll below for an exclusive preview of all 8 collectors’ covers, a sneak peek into the editorials and a word from the man himself at the end of this post.

Photos by Daniele + Iango, courtesy of Muse Magazine for

“We made this portfolio with the same sparkle of an authentic homemade
project. A pure, unpretentious project that turned into a little work of art with
my signature. I think those are truly honest photos. Mainly portraits of women
I have known for a long time and whose hair I have styled thousands times.
We have worked a lot on this project and I have been able to put my experience
at stake. That was rock’n’roll, women were coming to stay only a couple of
hours, like at the doctor’s office. Instantly, they were gorgeous. With Gisele we
had just 20 minutes. I mean, you couldn’t even change your mind, so we didn’t
search originality at all costs, it’s been all so natural and with no expectations.
We just wanted to have fun, it was a special atmosphere, with music turned on
all time.

I think today’s fashion is afraid to take risks and in this project we wanted to
be totally free and anarchic, I would say more freestyle. Today’s fashion is a
Hell’s circus, a creativity jungle – which I like – and keeps me in a challenge.
Poet Edgar Lee Masters wrote: “And catch the winds of destiny wherever they
drive the boat”. You must not be afraid of daring, you must get on with it and
even go wrong. Sometimes I failed, but what matters is that I did it. If I am
who I am today is because I haven’t done what my family wanted me to do.
Well no, I have done the opposite instead. They wanted me to be an engineer.
While shooting these pictures I was not interested in the trend of the moment,
I wanted to create a long-lasting something, devoted to all the women who
inspire me and embody my style. I held a casting with very different charming
women, each one in her own right. The women I think of are many more, but
time is not unlimited. For sure, this is not a hair story, I even limited myself
with hair in respect of the individuality of every model, I wanted to make them
beautiful according to their own personality. I am very much into women’s
attitude: that is what I usually call my muses’ attitude.

I wanted to blend bad taste with good taste. As Marlene Dietrich said, as long
as it’s not kitsch is fine. I think that a certain amount of bad taste makes things
brilliant. A perfect woman with a clashing element is very fascinating to me.
We are never attracted by perfection, we find it banal, in the end.
My sources of inspiration have always been fashion, music, street style, cinema
and art. I have always had strong references to music. Madonna, for instance,
has always inspired me. She’s a beautiful woman with a boundless talent.
Nevertheless, I am not a psycho-fan, I’ve never had a poster in my bedroom.
I’m dazzled by the relationship between two individuals, and I love people
for what they are. The qualities I most appreciate in a person are clearness,
generosity, honesty, and creativity. If we have it, it’s a good start. Moreover,
I think that it is always a matter of elective affinities, as in this project.”

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60 Comments to “The Modern Muses – Exclusive MDC Preview”

  1. Tina Pisano says:

    Fantastico,Gigi,un lavoro bellissimo e raffinato,curato nei minimi particolari!!!! Bravissimi anche Jango e Daniele!!!Che bella miscela di artisti!!!

  2. mary says:

    wow Gisele only shot hers in 20 mins???!!!!! that is why she is THE model. love her or hate her, she gets it DONE. Luigi chose models he has worked on many times. you can complain all you want about your favorite models not being chosen. If they aren’t favorites to the people who really matter (editors,photographers,designers,etc..), they are always going to be over-shadowed by the ones who do. Sad but true fact.

  3. mary says:

    um Isabeli,Carolyn,Natasha,Genvieve and Karen are all showing far more skin than Gisele is, what a funny statement.

  4. Fillipa says:

    I would love to see these amazing models wearing Conchita Perez’s clothes – check them out on

  5. Masterpieces, absolute stunning jobs and models, in all possible senses of the terms…
    Congratulations to everybody. Breathless…

  6. THIS IS AMAZING! I love how smooth the tones are, and how fluid the lines are. My favorite kind of B&W…


  7. Gio Kathleen says:

    Well, very impressive photo speech!

  8. Hey Luigi

    Great insight into your thought process and visions here, and yes it’s great to see risk that others are affraid to take, a good point and well excecuted and presented with such short time you had.

    Not sure about it being unpretentious though, it’s all perfect and a work of your genuis mind but the unpretentious part didn’t convince me.

    Duella, Iango, bravo. Outstanding work alround. Thanks for sharing

  9. Nimesh says:

    Amazing photographer!!!! I want to work with him. I am a web developer but photography is my passion. There are few weapons in my show case from Mamiya 645 to Nikon D2H.

  10. Amazing work. The skin tones are superb!