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Select’s five pack

Posted by Betty Sze | April 23rd, 2008

There’s always something special about the girls from Select Model Management. 5 of the coolest Select beauties popped into the MDC office on their casting trek through NYC. Tune in to our exclusive video of these stylish London lasses as they talk about what they’re wearing and their personal style inspirations.

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Select beauties Alice Dellal, Ellie, Hattie, Eliza and Portia with their booker James.

24 Comments to “Select’s five pack”

  1. Paul says:

    Oh my god these kids really are the coolest in london so chic

  2. Sam Williams says:

    I think Ellie is the best looking by far.
    I would hire her anyday

  3. I love Hattie (with the 80’s hair). Really great face!

  4. Me says:

    Ha! Alice cracks me up – You’d never guess her Father is a Billionaire, her Mother is an Ex-Supermodel & Mario Testino is her Godfather [Or Her Brothers GodFather!?!]

  5. alix says:

    the girl on the far left really looks like natasa vojnovic.

  6. me says:

    alice is one of the coolest girls in london… the others not so much! and their style… hmmn!

  7. Char says:

    Wow, that Ellie girl is blatantly hot =P xxx

  8. karina says:

    Oh my god.
    The girl with short hair is trying so hard to be Agyness Deyn. One is enough!
    The coolest is Alice Dellal. The rest are a bit forgettable.

  9. bronte says:

    omg i didnt know ellie was in NY , i knew hattie and eliza were but aww!
    miss you xxx

  10. Dilley says:

    Everyone seems so awesome, great choice select!! I especially think Ellie has a great look about her.

  11. Mia says:

    Eliza is soooooooooo cool

  12. Keira says:

    Alice is my favorite… I see her all the time round London, and she’s always like that… She’s really like that all the time and really straight forward and awesomely rock’n’roll

  13. Chloe Tisdall says:

    Eliza u lil stunner, great photo, keep enjoying.x.x.x.

  14. brenda says:

    love the change in the sun shorts.


  16. Coco Heavey says:

    Alice Dellal is by far the rockest chick in London! She’s sexy, edgy, great attitude and is gorgeous! She really does stand out and isn’t vulgar looking like the rest.

  17. hi! love the rockest chic in london!


  18. marcela says:


  19. Boris says:

    I love the style of alice very punk deluxe, his t-shirt and his shorts are very cool,and the pantyhose broken are very chic.
    eliza is a very cool style I like.
    and Portia, I completely love his great combination of her clothes & shoes & sunglasses

  20. wanton says:

    alice is in a band called thrush metal.check em out,come see them playing with cold ones next friday.

  21. andressa says:

    eu amo a Alice Dellal,ela é linda…

  22. Maya Yahoum says:

    Alice, fashionably wise is my role model. Shes not like the others, and definitely stands out in any crowd.

  23. Sarah says:

    not well spoken, but interesting group of girls.