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The Graduates

Remington Williams

Origin anecdotes go one of two ways: some find modeling themselves and––for others––modeling finds them. For Denver-born, Texas-raised Remington Williams it’s the latter, approached at a Chipotle, where the sensationally-angled, red-haired beauty was working. That leap of faith is the point at which models’ stories diverge, a high fashion career is just short of a cosmic coming together. Which aptly describes Remington’s immediate ascent and almost instant top-tier status booking the best ever since. A treasured Vogue Italia cover by Meisel was just the tip of the iceberg.

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Photography by Sebastian Kim for

Styling – Vanessa Chow
Hair – Hiro + Mari | Makeup – Steven Canavan

Editor Stephan Moskovic
Text & interview by Irene Ojo-Felix and Steven Yatsko

Above: Jumpsuit – Self-Portrait

The Graduates, since its conception in 2013, has become a mainstay featuring the foremost models of the moment. More specifically, when a Hot Lister moves up in rank to Top 50 through their own accomplishments it’s deserving of recognition, each a worthy addition to this ongoing series.

Where are you from originally? How were you discovered?
I’m originally from Denver, Colorado but I grew up the majority of my life in Dallas, Texas. I was discovered when I was living in Austin. I was working and going to college there at the time and Foreman Management scouted me while I was working at the local Chipotle. I was the dishwasher/prep cook, so I worked in the back and I still can’t believe they could even see me while I was prepping the guacamole and chicken. Luckily, I went on break and they were still eating their burritos. Alan Foreman came up to me while I was in line for the food that I was going to eat on break and handed me his business card. Then he told me that his wife and he were model scouts and that I should sit down with them and talk while I was on my break. Briefly, they explained how they scout models and place them with an agency in New York.

I was intrigued but slightly scared that they were proposing this idea. I didn’t have nearly enough time for them to explain it all while I was on break, so I decided to give the business card a call. I had a gut feeling that this was a good opportunity. I met up with Tanni and Alan the very next day at their office. They took some basic photos of me to send to agencies and within a few days I was signed to DNA, on a plane to New York, and on my way to my first fashion week. I did looks with Marc Jacobs on my third day in New York and by the end of the week I was at my first show, Calvin Klein. It all happened so fast. It kind of felt like a movie.

What has been your proudest moment so far in your modeling career?
It is a huge honor to get to be on the cover of Vogue. I’m extremely proud that I have been able to do that at all, let alone more than once.

How did you react when you first saw your cover of Vogue Italia? What was it like working with Meisel?
I cried when I first saw my cover of Vogue Italia. I never really felt beautiful growing up, so to hold a magazine with my face on it felt so surreal. Working with Steven Meisel has been extraordinary. Every time I have ever worked with him I got to experience fashion at its finest. He constantly was teaching me new tricks, and it inspired me to work harder for the best shot we could get.

Do you remember your first show?
How could I forget my first show? It was one of the most exciting moments of my life. I remember arriving very early. I didn’t want to get lost or late. I even got there before hair and makeup. I was dressed in a bright red Calvin Klein dress that matched my hair. I felt so special in that look. Time and sound froze when I was on the runway for the first time. I just really couldn’t believe that it was not a dream.

“I cried when I first saw my cover of Vogue Italia. I never really felt beautiful growing up, so to hold a magazine with my face on it felt so surreal.”

You also have a background in graphic design. How does that inform your modeling career? Can you tell me about #RemingtonsRainbows on Instagram?
I think it helps elevate my modeling abilities because I have an artistic vision. I connect well with photographers, designers, and other creatives on set and I feel like I can become collaborative in their vision. #RemingtonsRainbows is the hashtag where I post all of my artwork. I plan on making a separate account for my art later, but for now, it is all posted under that hashtag on Instagram. My art is primarily focused on graphic lines and color. Rainbow is my favorite color. I like to use every color in the spectrum on my pieces if I can.

Who do you look up to in the industry?
There are a lot of different people in the industry that I look up to but far as models go, I admire Raquel Zimmermann. Not only can she embody every side of femininity, but she has a kind heart. I also really look up to Pat McGrath. She is an intelligent businesswoman and her creativity with line and color constantly inspires me.

What is one thing no one would ever guess about you?
I bake bread in my free time and I take my baking very seriously. I have even created my own sourdough starter from scratch for the freshest yeast. I also make crazy crepes where the batter is different flavors. (For example, I make matcha flavored crepes.) I would love to publish my own cookbook one day.

What is one thing you would like to do next? A dream job, if you will.
One thing that I’m currently working toward doing next is showing my artwork. It is one of my biggest dreams to have my artwork shown in a gallery in New York. I want to start my art career while I’m still modeling. I have dreams for both. A dream job for modeling would be to be on the cover of i-D Magazine. I have low key practiced my wink. I mean, I have to be prepared if the opportunity ever arises.

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