Confirmed S/S 2020 NYFW

Posted by | September 6th, 2019
As fashion week storms in, our Confirmed series gives you a preview of the faces hoping to hit big this month. Exclusive spots and debuts aside, you’ll recognize a few veterans in the mix of our staple biannual go-see. Will they dominate here in New York? Set their sights for Europe? Turn up in your favorite campaign or magazine? Only time will tell if good fashion fortune is in their future but what is certain: you’re catching them before the hype.

Photography by Steven Yatsko for

Click or tap a model’s picture to visit their page. You can add them to a custom list to follow along with their season by clicking the heart icon on their page. If the model does not yet have a page, clicking their picture will bring you to their New York agency’s listing. You can also see a newsfeed of all of the Confirmed models work here.

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  1. double m-by miguel says:

    Too much diversity and quantity, it just doesn’t work.