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Q + A: Amanda

Posted by wayne | April 1st, 2008

She was the winner of the V/Supreme model search, an instant MDC European Top 10 Newcomer and the opening girl at Miu-Miu and McQueen in Paris this season. MDX discovers however, that the coolest girl in town, Amanda is glowing with excitement at her newfound success.

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10 Comments to “Q + A: Amanda”

  1. Observer says:

    I am happy to hear an update from Amanda but why isn’t following up on the Vman / Ford model search 2008 that’s going on right now. I would think they would have been the first to break the news.

  2. DB Sanchez says:

    she’s so bubbly, but like, i don’t, like, understand, what like, she’s like trying to like say with all the like, likes in like every like sentence, so like, yeah.

  3. JasonKanner says:

    Wow, I love that she already gets “it”…What a rare traditional beauty!

  4. TAY-RAY says:

    she is such a fabulous girl ! great interview, i can see why she won. proud to say this is my best friend ๐Ÿ™‚ love you girl!

  5. ramon says:

    very beatiful girl

  6. u_mag says:

    hummmmmmmm ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. Robin says:


  8. betty says:

    To the observer: Wait till next week, we have some exclusive things happening with Ford about the model search!

  9. rc says:

    This girl’s look grows on me by the day. She’s my favourite new face, and this video just makes me like her that much more! What a charmer. Her bubbliness reminds me of coco.

  10. dd says:

    เน‡How old is she?Someone tell me she is only 16.