Patti Wilson’s What’s Contemporary

Posted by Stephan Moskovic | September 6th, 2012

Patti Wilson’s What’s Contemporary

The worlds of fashion and art have always complimented each other, but what happens when those worlds collide? What’s Contemporary, the web’s ongoing dialogue with the influential and innovative creators behind the scenes, enlists legendary stylist Patti Wilson & boundary pushing music group The Black Soft to find out.

ContemporaryIS represents the 1st anniversary of What’s Contemporary and a rethinking of just what fashion can do. Led by What’s Contemporary editor in chief, Christopher Michael, Wilson & The Black Soft produced a series of images that reinterpret key runway looks by incorporating them into unique drawings. Look closely and you’ll see an appealing melange of humor, artistry and statement making fashion.

“I really liked the idea of doing something else with the fashion, not to just put the clothes on a body in a regular way, but to show the pieces in a different context. The art meeting the fashion in a way where the result is something completely new, rather than just the sum of both parts.” – Patti Wilson

“There are many different ways of being “contemporary” and in this collaboration, we were able to take Patti’s notorious contemporary sense of style and use it to inspire the creation of the perfect characters for these current designs.” – The Black Soft




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