The up and comers FW/14

Posted by Stephan Moskovic | February 5th, 2014


Vera V / VNY, Vera is wearing dress by Jhete
The Up and Comers Fall/Winter 2014

The start of fashion month is only days away and as the shows draw close the only thing that can upstage all those fresh from the runway pieces are the stellar new girls set to dominate the runway during fall/winter 2014. Get a preview of the exciting faces you’re sure to be seeing a lot of in the coming weeks. Iesha, Eleanor, I-Hua, Mariina, Vera, Nika, Franciska, Hadassa, Liza, Kate, Jenna and Camilla feature in sleek black and white portraits by Michael Schwartz. Maher Jridi styles as the sophisticated selection of rising stars showcases their posing skills in this editorial.

Photographer: Michael Schwartz for
Stylist: Maher Jridi
Hair Stylist: Rolando Beauchamp at The Wall Group
Makeup Artist: Fara Homidi using Chanel Beaute for Frank Reps

Shot at: Jack Studios NYC

Production: Kegan Webb
Text by Janelle Okwodu


Hadassa Lima / Muse
Dress: T by Alexander Wang / T.U.K creeper shoes


Liza Schwab and Mariina Keskitalo / NY Models
Liza: Leather dress: T by Alexander Wang
Marina: Jumpsuit: Yigal Azrouël / Sandals: Houghton x Birkenstock


Kate Grigorieva / The Lions
Cropped Top: Jhete / Skirt: T by Alexander Wang


Nika Cole / IMG
Silk Jumpsuit: Jonathan Simkhai / Shoes: Houghton x Birkenstock


Iesha Hodges Ford and Jenna Klein / DNA
Iesha: Leather bra: T by Alexander Wang
Jenna: Dress: Helmut Lang


Camilla Christensen / SILENT
Jacket: Yigal Azrouël


Franciska Gall / IMG and I-Hua / Wilhelmina
Top: Helmut Lang
I-Hua: Sleeveless jacket + pants: Yigal Azrouël / Shoes: T by Alexander Wang


Eleanor Hayes / Supreme
Dress: Altuzarra / Sandals: Houghton x Birkenstock

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26 Comments to “The up and comers FW/14”

  1. nichola says:

    16years old and retouch like joan rivers…sorry something is wrong

  2. Neal Hamil says:

    Fantastic job, Michael Schwartz and team!!! Gorgeous images!!!!!!!

  3. Daniel says:

    Beautiful girls.I’m seeing a lot of this mans work lately. His models always look so bored, they don’t have that magic sparkle that other photographers can ignite, photographers today’s depend way too much on photoshop. Just another shoot that looks like all the other ones.

  4. leon says:

    @Nichola! you rule! I agree! WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!

  5. Ryan says:

    Iesha doesn’t do it for me. Camilla is really stunning tho.

  6. gabe says:

    Nichola….okay, miss rip van winkle, did you just wake up? 🙂 This is fashion….did you really expect the-real-deal pics?

  7. Waina chancy says:

    Beautiful beautiful work everyone..

  8. frank Arends says:

    Too much retouch. Also it really takes away from the beauty of the models when the images are total copies of Inez and Vinoodh. (Not in a good way)
    The issue with fashion is there is not only little originality and this is a prime example of why some photographers and contributors will remain shooting 2 tier
    editorial and magazines (blogs), and never evolve to a Vogue Italy or Numero.

  9. trumancapote says:

    thank god i m not the only one !! thank you Nichola !! this retouching obsession is contributing to the lack of real new talents that last more then just a season , i dont think we ll ever go back , people are to lazy no one wants to do the work that takes to produce great images without impossible photoshop and agency relay on retouching to cover up grils way too big imperfection that only 10 years ago would have not made those girls possible to work

  10. asian models says:

    Where is Manuela Basilio (Wilhelmina NY) she’s a Newcomer too.

  11. Sublime photos studio !!! J adore !

  12. this pictures are awesome. I’m a photographer hailing from a background of film, so I know how hard it is to get a perfect rendition of the shades of grey that makes a perfect black and white picture.

  13. Mark Chartrand says:

    Mostly excellent poses and printing. Obviously, they are beautiful girls. I do wish the time was taken to give each of them just one catchlight in each eye. It really does make a world of difference. Nicely done.

  14. RA says:

    Nika Cole is the new Codie Young, so beautiful

  15. Love! Great job by Michael Schwartz and great job,!

  16. Robert D. says:

    Vera & Iesha! So stunning!!!! I’ll be looking for them <3

  17. ebencipe says:

    Super promising batch of girls… The whole team did a good job on the styling and photography.. Loving Jenna <3..

  18. ebencipe says:

    @asianmodels: Agree!!! Manuela should be on the list.. The girl is super fierce and has the total package..

  19. Isbenel Whisonola says:

    Iesha is beautiful. Glad Ford picked her up even after all the trouble she gave Boss. Hopefully she can take advantage of her second chance!

  20. MM says:

    The images are great starts for these new gals. All models start out shooting with testing level photographers and teams, this is what prepares them for the real jobs that will hopefully come. The images are not all over retouched or totally copies of other people, they are just not made by or finished at the level of a top professional, this is the best one could expect from the photographer. Hopefully these test shots will open the door for some of these very talented selection of girls, unfortunately some of the more over retouched images could in fact be of negative impact. I still have an strong belief that great blogs like in a constant evolution to bigger and better will stick to the better teams and people like they have collaborated with in the past, rather then settle for minor players which ultimately digress the quality of the user experience and the consistency and credibility of the content.

  21. Stacey Jones says:

    Who made this list thou? Where is Maggie Jablonski, Elodia Prieto, Amanda Welsh, Riley Montana and Imanna Hammam.
    Iesha really? Oh is it because she won the VMAG/FORD CONTEST? Oh I get it now they must have slipped a bonus.

  22. michele says:

    Beautiful. But upset with the fashion world. They pick children and make them look older but won’t pick people that are older n look young. I can’t find an agent because I am 32 but look 24 and I’m not 5’10” and anorexic looking. Smh why not look at real people

  23. Wow, the pictures are awesome, especially Camilla Christensen… Hope to do the same with my camera !!

  24. Black and white never dies. I also love how “up close and personal” these pictures are

  25. Les mannequins sont superbes