Memorable Moments (Spring 2015)
As we head towards another fashion season take a look back at the events that make it all worthwhile for the girls in the midst of the madness. When you’re backstage and behind the scenes it’s often the smallest moments that mean the most. From whirlwind fittings, to first struts down the runway, these are the times these budding top models will never forget.

Photography by Conte / Potier
Editor Janelle Okwodu
Production assistants: Holly Miller + Michelle Zhao

“My most memorable moment from the fashion season was definitely going to Paris for the first time. It was absolutely beautiful and it was just overwhelming to actually be in a different country for the first time and being in Paris and working and doing this amazing show. Even in New York it was absolutely insane. It was my first time ever doing a show in New York so that was an incredible feeling, a lot of adrenaline.”


“For me, it was probably Milan because I walked Dolce and Gabbana which for me was very important because it’s one of my moms favorite brands. It meant a lot for me to tell my mom that I walked that show. It was beautiful and definitely a part of what made this a wonderful season for me. I did so much more than last season, so it was very exciting to me. I think every show is an honor to walk and I have a memory from every show I did, but that was special.”


“For me it was Dior, I loved the clothes – every thing Raf designs is extraordinary so it was just incredible to wear one of his creations and walk down that runway.”


“Doing Louis Vuitton was an incredible experience because it was such a big show and I was walking with Nicolas Ghesquière! Resort was really where it all started for me so it was amazing to just have that moment, especially with a designer I admire that much.”


“My first show was a semi-exclusive for Alexander Wang. I was doing looks for him 4 or 5 days before and I already got this connection with all of the people who dressed me. As soon as I could actually walk the show, it was super exciting and my heart was pumping. I did the second look so I was not really the first one, but it was so exciting. I loved my look because it was something I would have chosen for myself.”


“My favorite moments were just being on the runway. All eyes are on you and puts you in the spotlight so you have to maintain concentration and keep a straight face on the runway, but it is magic. It was also so inspiring to see the models who have been working for a long time and have become really successful. I always pay attention to what they do and try to observe how they handle things or just speak to them – it is wonderful just to be in the position to see all these important people and get to know them.”


“My most memorable moment was my last show, Moncler. It was in Paris so I was with some friends. When we finished the show, we were out and there were lots of photographers. We were jumping and so happy! We were all together, there is a picture somewhere. We were dancing and it was great. We had these signs that said “fashion week is over!” ”


“Each show is really really special, but I think that the most exciting one was Chanel in Paris. Karl is really nice and he hugs everybody, he comes with us all of the time and he checks everything. He keeps everything so organized, it’s like a dream show.”


“At the end of Paris Fashion Week, all of the girls from the Saint Laurent show and the whole design team were invited by Hedi to go see The Libertines. They played a show at the Zenith in Paris the night after the show. It was kind of the perfect ending to fashion week, everyone was dancing, running around, having a good time, and letting off steam after the whole month. It was really special.

I had never seen Pete Doherty perform, his energy was insane and it was really fun. A couple of the girls from the show crowd surfed which was amazing! ”


“My most memorable moment was definitely being confirmed for Burberry exclusive. I was sitting outside in a little cafe and my booker called me and I just burst into tears because I was so surprised and excited. I was such a mess that people next to me were like, “are you okay?” and I said, “yeah! I’m crying because I’m so happy!” and they were like, “okay….?””


“Being able to do the Sonia Rykiel show in Paris was awesome because you’re just surrounded by all of these amazing people in the industry. Everyone knows it’s Katie Grand, Guido doing hair, Pat doing makeup, all of these legendary and iconic people. It was my first show in Paris and it was a crazy experience just working with the other models and being able to travel and do that. I also debuted for TopShop this season with Kate Phelan and all of those wonderful people so that was really big for me as well.”


“There were many nice shows. I always like doing Alexander Wang because it’s a nice energy. The Balenciaga show in Paris is pretty amazing, too. There was smoke under the floor and glass. I made a lot of new friends this fashion week because this was my first time I did it out of school and I did all four weeks in a row without going home in between, so I had time to get to know many great girls.”


“I think the most memorable thing during this fashion week was working with Christophe Lemaire. It was a great opportunity to work with somebody who really is inspired and passionate about what they do. A lot of the girls in the show were top models and girls from the Victorias Secret show so the lineup was really strong and I was so excited to be a part of it. I loved my outfit, it was amazing! The top and the pants that were sort of see-through, it was really sexy but at the same time classic. I really enjoyed to be a part of that show and then we met all together and hung out at the after party after the show, everyone had a blast. To have an opportunity to actually talk to him was wonderful. The other thing I really was happy to work again with Christof LaMere and be a part of his last show for Hermes.”


“I had just come from another show and I knew that Prada had a fitting and I was upset because I thought that I didn’t get it. Afterwards my driver was like, oh Irina I forgot one thing you have a Prada fitting. I was like, “Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!!” It was so exciting.”


“My memorable moment was at Dolce and Gabbana in Milan when we walked in the finale and had to cross behind the screen and there were steps. So, all of the girls had to cross each other but on the steps and it was about 70 girls, I guess, and we were all screaming and laughing and then we went back out the other way. That was my moment!”


“My most memorable moment from last fashion week it was probably the show Karen Walker. I love this designer and what I loved about that show was the energy there, it’s always positive and full of energy and also I love the clothes that she’s making. Probably, it was the best show during that fashion week.”


“I’d have to say my most memorable moment was probably after my Marc Jacobs show and I was feeling really great. I phoned my parents and they’d been watching the show live on a laptop. They said “you looked amazing, your outfit was blue!” But, I was actually wearing red… We all looked the same with those little light wigs so they didn’t even realize.”


“I had a really fun moment after the Peter Pilloto show in London. I went outside with a few other models and then I was looking for my driver and I couldn’t see him at first site, but I saw the car. So I thought I would just wait next to the car for him. Then, all of the sudden a lot of street style photographers came to take photos of me. Then I just heard someone screaming from behind, “jump on top of the car!” and I turned around and I saw that it was my driver. So, I thought, “okay! If he says so!” So, I just climbed on to the car and I was standing there. At first I was waving like the queen, but after about one minute there were probably around 30-40 photographers in front of me and I was just standing on the car like a champion. It was super unexpected but super fun. There are a lot of really funny pictures, also shot one! Vogue also voted it as one of the best 15 fashion week moments.”


“Louis Vuitton was very memorable. It was very big and fun. There were sweet people and I got some really good moments from it. Nicholas is very sweet, I was surprised that he was not feeling “too good” or he was very relaxed and chill.”


“I only did Yves Saint Laurent exclusive worldwide. It was really nice, I came in and was in Paris the whole time. I was on option for 2 months so, I was waiting and I thought that they didn’t confirm me. But, the first week of September they asked me to meet with Yves Saint Laurent and I was confirmed. I was really happy, the show was amazing and the clothes are really nice.”


“My favorite part was the preparation for the show at the Prada empire. It was kind of fun working with the Prada people and I think very highly of their team. Miuccia is utterly majestic.”


“I think it was when I got confirmed for Alexander Wang. It was always a dream for me to walk for him and it was my second season, so I was like “okay maybe it will happen and maybe not.” When my agent called me and told me I was confirmed it was really the moment of the season for me.”


“I think in New York it was amazing. I opened Marc by Marc Jacobs. It really was an amazing accomplishment and that was the best moment. I had this show, Marc by Marc, and a half hour later I was supposed to get to a different show and I ran there like hell. I don’t know how I got there. When I got there, I didn’t do the fitting for the show, so the designer did the fitting at this show. Then I went straight to hair and makeup and it felt like 2,000 hands on me doing hair and makeup and nails. So then, I didn’t know what my number was and I was thinking “Where is my number?” Then the designer put me first! So I thought, “Oh my god I just opened two shows!” It was crazy for me.”

Natasha Mitrovic

“My favorite moment was when I did the Fendi show. I was really excited and it was one of my first big shows, ever!”


“The most crazy makeup and hair style I had in New York. I had like three shows in one day at almost the same time. I had just finished one show and the other was supposed to start in 15 minutes! I was in the other show, so we just get the car with Maya and we came to this show 10 minutes before it started. It was so crazy, 5 people get me to the chair and do my makeup and my hair so quickly. It was so funny and so nice, and one time I had a really big show and I got the fitting for them at 11pm and I went there and the fitting was at 2am. Then I finished my fitting and I had to go there again at 4pm. They said “Oh we have your outfit already, you can go!” Then at 12 my agency called me and said “Ola, you have to go there again.” Then I went and I spent the next 3 hours there. In the end, they chose for me the first outfit I tried on the first time! It’s crazy, but it was good fun.”


“For me it was getting confirmed for Alexander Wang’s show. It had always been a dream of mine and it was my second season so I wasn’t sure if maybe it would happen this time, but then I got the call and it was incredible. I also wound up doing the Alexander Wang / H&M show which was like a big party so I got the chance to work with him twice!”


“I think my most memorable shows were Marc Jacobs and D2 and Moschino. They’re all so different and fun, there are so many elements to the show. It’s a really big production. The makeup for Moschino was all Barbie-fied. For Marc Jacobs, it was really barely nothing, and then for D2 it was just pretty natural, but with thick glasses. ”


“I think the Jason Wu show because it was the first first show. And, Ralph Lauren and Chloe because I got the opportunity to open it so that was really special. And, there were also shows like Chanel and Rodarte. They had nice settings, it was more than just a show. That was really nice and fun. It gives energy. The Chanel show, with the protest, it was more acting and you had to scream. It was really cool.”


“I’d say, just how the season started and how it finished for me. I started, the first show I walked was Alexander Wang. I debuted with Alexander Wang, so just the fact that I got to do that to start my season off launched my career for this season, pretty much! The way I finished it, I was an exclusive for Givenchy and I opened the show. It was sick, I’m so grateful for that. I spent two full days just doing the looks with Ricardo. It was stressful, but long and awesome. I mean, every show was super important. All of the amazing designers I got to walk for, Tom Ford, Bottega Veneta, so many awesome ones. But I started and finished really well.”


“On the night before the Dolce show in Milan I was trying to get a good nights sleep. Of course, the one night that you’re dying to sleep well you don’t… but it wasn’t my fault. One of the girls in my model apartment decided to go clubbing and so she left, I don’t even know what time, and I went to sleep. She gets back and brings home this girl with her from the club, I have no idea if she was a model or… I don’t know. But, there was a random girl in my apartment and they started to have intercourse in the bed across from me! I was like, “Are you serious?!” So… I didn’t sleep hardly at all because from 5 in the morning until I had to leave there were some… noises going on across from me. That was actually the only bad model apartment experience I’ve ever had, go figure it was the night before the biggest show… ”


“My most memorable moment was 100% opening Celine. That was so surprising, and I was so grateful for that. I had no idea I was going to be opening. I found out that I was doing Celine the day I found out I was going to PAris. I started doing looks for them, but I wasn’t confirmed. I found out I was in the show the day of the fitting. They were like, “some girls do the looks but it doesn’t mean they’re in the show…” Someone would always say that, but they fit me in a look and they fit me in the first one. I was thinking, “okay does this mean I’m opening?” but I didn’t know. When the show happened, I fit literally hours before the show at 5am and the show was at 9am. That’s when I found out and that was my most memorable moment!”


“My most memorable show was Balenciaga. I have gotten so used to doing shows that I’ve forgotten the stress and excitement that comes with doing fashion week, the butterflies in your stomach. But I remember that just before Balenciaga I got it again, and I almost cried tears of happiness because I felt the excitement again!”

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