Jourdan Dunn

Posted by Stephan Moskovic | October 16th, 2013
Jourdan Dunn

With grace and her signature wit, Jourdan Dunn has risen through the ranks to become one of the most wanted models in the business. Whether she’s posing for a portrait or unleashing an anecdote on her hilarious personal twitter, Ms. Dunn is an essential player within the world of fashion. During her career progression, Jourdan has moved from simply starring in editorials, to making her presence felt on a variety of fronts and branching out into a variety of roles; from a Jay-Z approved cooking program on Life + Times, to a spokesperson for sickle -cell awareness. With each new challenge Jourdan showcases her versatility, charisma and innate star-quality – the attributes that keep her at the top of everyone’s list. Experience the Dunn charm in this all new editorial by Christian MacDonald.

Photographer : Christian MacDonald for
Stylist: Eileen Hayes
Make Up : Susie Sobol
Hair : Sandy Hullett using Redken
Set Design : Daniel Graff for Mary Howard Studio

Cover photo: Jourdan is wearing Junya Watanabe dress


Jourdan is wearing Comme des Garçons jacket, Altuzarra pant


Stella McCartney coat, Raf Simons pant, vintage boot
Stella McCartney coat, Raf Simons pant

Comme des Garçons top, Raf Simons pant, vintage boot
Melet Merchantile sweater, Ann Demeulemeester dress, Wendy Nicol ring, vintage boot

Rick Owens tank, Acne skirt


Adrienne Landau blanket, Wendy Nicol ring


Reformation top, Raf Simons trouser
Comme des Garçons jacket, Altuzarra pant

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20 Comments to “Jourdan Dunn”

  1. Carl Wilmot says:

    She is gorg.its nice to see someone as nice as her climb the ladder with all the set backs for anyone that has color in this industry…

    I find the styling to be the opposite of the shoot. I hate that they put all these simple but uber expensive pieces in this shot. Its not about the labels but the pure simplicity of the shoot that matters. That is the problem with the fashion industry.

  2. TeeVanity says:

    Impeccable, absolutely no flaws!

  3. evr says:


  4. Marty says:

    man she’s stunning, I love seeing her personality throughout the images. I just not sure about the hair lol but she still is radiant 🙂

  5. Luvhmarie says:

    She’s so underrated

  6. Mark says:

    Im not a fan of the pictures but Jourdan Dunn is really among my absolute favorite models. Such a true beauty who has it all : class, great taste and a perfect confidence which just that little hint of shyness in her eyes. Dreamy Eyes! Love you Jourdan, keep on rollin!

  7. Lydia says:

    Absolutely stunning, gorgeous

  8. Luna says:

    Love her.

  9. Mia says:

    Love this lady! One of the few models in the industry today that looks alive! No dead eyes or a sad lifeless face, just a stunning model with an amazing personality!

  10. jc says:


  11. silvia says:

    Jourdan love Jourdan

  12. Will B. Davis,Jr. says:

    Miss Dunn has survived the sophomore jinx in the modeling industry. The move to New York, although expensive, is proving to be smart. Jourdan has become a little jaded however. Don’t blame her. You have to develop thick skin to survive and keep going in the all too fickle world of Fashion. Friendships with Karlie and Cara are rock solid….personally and professionally. Mentoring from Miss Campbell has been invaluable. Miss Dunn is developing a following all her own. Dunn copycats are popping up everywhere. Imitation is the best form of flattery. It’s great that has given her long overdue prime coverage. She has worked damn hard to get it! The Victoria Secret loss was a wake-up call. She figured that out….good for her, her friends, and Storm. Life goes on…right? Dunn right it does! Now its time for some leaps. How about an editorial spread highlighting/imitating the colorful life of 60’s icon Donyale Luna, or a cooking show episode featuring children at a Harlem children’s center? How about developing a children’s clothing line called RileyWear ( named after her son of course ). I mean the sky is the limit. Miss Dunn? Your accountant told you everything is going to be ok. So, have fun. New York was only step one. You are the modern, international black women. Set the world on fire. You owe it to yourself. Oh, by the way…shut up Antoine. ( smile ).

  13. ebencipe says:

    Cant believe that Jourdan has a baby.. Her body is sooo gorgeous!! Not to mention, her face is undeniably expensive and photogenic.

    @Will B Davis Jr: I also believe she is the modern day representation of models of color being successful on a very selective industry. I know more things are set to cum for this would-be modern day super model.

  14. leon says:

    Go Jourdan!

  15. kayleaf says:

    She’ll always be a permanent fixture! Flawless! Kudos to MDC for featuring her.

  16. Sarah says:

    What are those slippers she’s wearing? Love those.

  17. Beautiful, surprised she didn’t go the way of all the other models of her peak…..nowhere.

  18. jonny says:

    Adore Jourdan in everything she does. But these photographs don’t do anything for her. Infact they all look really stiff and awkward apart from the one she is smiling in. Great styling though.

  19. AzWah says:

    Simple yet stunning!