J. Crew S/S 2012

Posted by Stephan Moskovic | September 14th, 2011

How many presentations have special guest appearances by Beyonce? We’re willing to bet that J.Crew is the only brand big enough to pull off such a feat, but even if you aren’t a pop sensation there was still plenty to love about J.Crew’s spring offerings. Jenna Lyons and crew pulled out all the stops, taking the preppy meets artsy aesthetic of the brand and throwing in a dose of editorial edge. Channelling some of the season’s hottest trends into designs palatable for the masses isn’t easy, but the Jenna look has struck a chord with consumers. Loyal fans and J.Crew newbies alike are sure to enjoy the juicy colors and mixed prints that defined the collection. As always the accessories were strong, with boxy bags and kitten heels that seem destined to sell out.
J. Crew
Spring/Summer 2012

Photos: Betty Sze & Janelle Okwodu
Text: Janelle Okwodu

Casting (Women): Julia Samersova
Casting (Men): Lisa Leder

Models (Women):

1. Lindsay Lullman
2. Julia Hafstrom
3. Betty Adewole
4. Cora Emmanuel
5. Juana Burga
6. Alma Durand
7. Marta Ortiz
8. Irina Vodolazova
9. Anya Kazakova
10. Li Ming
11. Ali Lagarde
12. Aiste Regina Kliveckaite
13. Allaire Heisig
14. Alejandra Alonso
15. Marihenny Passible
16. Jia Jing
17. Jing Ma
18. Vasilisa Pavlova
19. Cassie
20. Milly Simmonds
21. Fabiana Mayer
22. Cris Urena
23. Debora Muller
24. Emily Senko
25. Pauline Van der Cruysse
26. ?

Models (Men):

1. Anthony Vibert
2. Jae Yoo
3. Reid Prebenda
4. Lowell Tautchin
5. James Jennings
6. RJ King
7. Vincent LaCrocq
8. Danny Beauchamp
9. Yannick Abrath
10. Armando Cabral
11. Bastiaan Ninaber
12. RJ Rogenski
13. Claudio Monteiro
14. David Smith
15. Ryan Kennedy
16. Lenz von Johnston
17. Clement Chabernaud
18. David Agbodji
19. Miles Garber
20. Matthew Avedon

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2 Comments to “J. Crew S/S 2012”

  1. Rini says:

    It’s a nice collection, though I can’t say I’m very keen on the hipstamatic shots. I’m no expert, but I think when you are showing people a collection, you want to represent the colors as faithfully as possible? This filter seems to oversaturate – it’s a stylistic choice that seems better suited to tumblr. ymmv, of course, I just prefer more natural-looking shots like the ones in the header and at the bottom of the post.

  2. Personally, “an extra wow” for Lindsay, Alejandra and Anya… 🙂