From Milan with love

Posted by Stephan Moskovic | January 21st, 2010

Photos: Saverio Cardia
Animation: Stephan Moskovic

A very special thanks to photographer Saverio Cardia
and Boris@d’Management Milan for the concept.

Lots of love from the MDC Crew
Big, big thanks to all the models…

UPDATED: In order of appearance:

Jon Kortajarena
Vladimir Ivanov
Eddie Klint
Mark Cox
Josh Beech
Francisco Lachowski
Benoni Loos
Simon Nessman
Taylor Fuchs
Marcel Castenmiller

William Eustace
Gerhard Freidl
Roy Pratt
Matvey Lykov
Ben Hill
Nils Butler
Patrick Kafka
Michael Gstoettner
George Barnett
Isaac Carew

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79 Comments to “From Milan with love”

  1. Jeanne says:

    Oh this is just wonderful 🙂

  2. k says:

    they ate my heart

  3. Driver says:

    Next season sure to see Quel White during Milans Fashion Week. He is in town looking for high profile shows gratias. Any agents looking for a beautiful man to add should definitely try to get in touch with him. Heard a couple of agents wispering about him.

  4. Driver says:

    Via. Paris about NYFW

  5. moh feat co. says:

    the boys know what they want …

  6. Nina says:

    This is really AMAZING. The idea is great and they all look fantastic

  7. Andrew says:

    Jon rules

  8. gwen says:

    woaw just beautiful

  9. eleonora says:

    amazing models and amazing photographer!!!! 😉

  10. MDC_411494 says:

    Where can I get these all photos?

  11. fendi says:

    WOW! Speechless

  12. Jin says:


  13. Sarah says:

    Please let this on your page FOREVER!! *__*

  14. JoltOfDavid says:

    Can someone tell me the name of the STUNNER holding the first S?? He’s GORG!

  15. E.S.Kinny says:

    i want ALL those pics (a)
    im in love with ALL of them

  16. Sarah says:

    @joltofdavid, the 1st “S” is francisco *__*

  17. stefani says:

    now i want this in slow-mo!!!

  18. funghsui says:

    Oh, it’s amazing photo with those amazing guys! i’m lovin it

  19. Ty says:

    Can you spell D-I-V-E-R-S-I-T-Y. And I’m not talking about a red head, they’re all the same shade of alabaster white.

  20. chao says:


  21. Maria says:

    So great So inovative and Inspiring <3

  22. Nigel S. says:

    Absolutely incredible. (Though alittle bit of “color” would have been twice as nice)

    It’s so ironic that these images are some of the best that I’ve ever seen of most of these models! As opposed to a camapaign/edit.

    Talk about a beauty shot.
    They simply must add them to their porftolio’s!
    Mr. Cardia did a truly fantastic job!

  23. Toet says:

    Nils Bulter was the best of them all.

    Go Nils go

  24. Are there no Black or ethnic models in Milan???????????? Wow! I never knew…hahaha.

  25. JoltOfDavid says:

    Dear Sarah, thank you so much! I adore him (Francisco) already!

  26. Vince says:

    ^^Dave, sure there are, what about Valentino? LOL

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it anyway.

  27. Sarah says:

    @jolt… no worries ^-^

    crew of mdc, can we have the single photos of all the models somehow? please? **
    saw the one of that sexy hairy beast jon on off the minute, but personally i’d like to use the ones of william, francisco and simon as screensavers so i could watch them all day long lol XD
    i know i’m pathetic XD …but seriously this shoots are just perfect *ww*
    totally agree with nigel s. who says some of them are even better than their ads and editorials!

  28. Amazing!!! Francisco is HOOOOOT

  29. Aria says:

    i love it so much!!!!!

    oh crew of mdc, pls make something like this for women’s fashion week later

  30. Berny says:

    I feel so lucky I could meet them!
    They’re so nice and gorgeous, especially Francisco 😛

  31. Berny says:

    I posted some pictures in my blog, check them out 🙂

  32. Halo says:

    i love Francisco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Wendy Tom says:

    AHHH SPEECHLESS but wheres my Jeremy! haha

  34. Mike says:

    Great Idea!
    Take Care

  35. ryan says:

    i <3 Francisco Lachowski!!!

  36. Polo says:

    Ok, i thought just me was in love of mr. lachowski, but, i can totally notice that it’s not that the reality here. whatever, i can’t have anyways. keep dreaming, ppl

    Nice photos anyways

  37. jess says:

    taylor fuchs had a transformation! he looks gooooooood!

  38. anen says:

    I love Jon Kortajarena!!!

  39. George Brown says:

    I looked 10 times an didn’t see Dominique Hollington……….this is wack!!!!!!!

  40. George Brown says:

    I looked only once and didn’t see Julius Beckers 🙁

  41. moreone says:

    I’love Simon Nessman,William Eustace,Nils Butler and Francisco Lachowski!

  42. Kate says:


  43. Yay says:

    Josh is the HOTTEST

  44. Fred says:

    Amazing bush of models! And great tribute to MDC 😉

  45. gaga ren says:

    where is the next Chinese supermodel ??

  46. Nataly Spivak says:

    great idea

  47. K. Hat says:

    George Brown I’m completely startled as well! This lineup is amazing, but I believe a little diversity with the superstar Dom would have made me actually like this. The pictures are excellent for the boys, however, I’m just disappointed Dom, who’s been working his ass off isn’t in this lineup.